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Th Razr (prnuncd "rayzr") is a mdel of cllulr phn prducd by the mricn Motrla cmpny, t fllw up thr mldly lss sccssfl Pebl. Use f th Razr enhces one's colnss ten-fld, by casng drppd vwls in hs/hr txt mssags nd spech. Th vwls re physclly hckd awy by th phon's xtra-shrp edgs, and bcus f ths, it s nt reccmnded fr use b evryn, althgh sril kllrs hve ben usng t latly bcus f th hgh-tch fetrs (a dscssn f thm is t fllw).


  • Bilt-n Cmra --Phtogrph anyne. anywhr.
  • Memry --Hs a 5.6 Mb memry t stor stff.
  • Wb Accss --Nw you cn lk @ prn 24/7
  • n2011 spprt Nw Ply Gamz
  • Plyphnc Rngs -- Nw lstn t yr fvrt msc whnvr smone clls you.
  • Voc cht --Imgin lstnng to yur phn nd hring smthng wtht a meldy r rhthmc beet, smthng suspcusly lk yr frnds n th reel wrld.
  • 5 blde shvng - shv yr fce or lgs whrver y'r stndng.
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Ocm's Razr

Se Lso[edit]