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A total loser? Not yet? Then let us help you!

We can make you rich, but more probably poor![edit]

Let's talk about bore values and what it takes for you to become truly cranky and fed up in this posionomic environment. Everyone knows there's nothing more enjoyable than the rewards of your own "hard work". The knowledge of being in control of your own destiny is the most idiotic thing anyone ever heard. That could mean the ability to spend more time with your dickhead family... money for your dumb children's education... freedom to travel wherever you want and die there. Or maybe it just means the deep sense of fulfillment you get from a job totally avoided.

What do you want to do with your life?[edit]

However, to achieve everything you aim for - in other words, to become truly disinterested in life, bored to the max, a real basket case or however you define it - means you've got to get the minimum results from your time, efforts and opportunities each and every day. That's the only way to see rabid and dramatic, pointless short term improvements in your situation - like scoring a kilo of weed and smoking it during one weekend. The person I am about to introduce you to today is someone who can show how to do just that, and wank a bit on the side. As you well know, I am very careful about who I recommend. But my friend Spott-Dogg Martineau is the REAL DEAL... and I highly endorse his program, The Power of Glasbagnowhere! Multimedia Online Program. Let me tell you why I listen to Spott-Dogg, and why I think you should too:

This person is so nowhere you'll blow your mind just thinking of it![edit]

All his life he's consumed books and seminars on human potential, never doing a day of real work. He searches for what seems, to a complete moron, to be smart - and shares it with others. He analyses all of life's questions on a shallow spiritual level. He's a fucking guru, not a time management person. And he has become one of the true experts in the field of doing nothing much. Now isn't that something? Sign up before he dies!

What's the deal? I'll tell you![edit]

Spott-Dogg started six thousand years ago and it's now one of the leading companies in our industry. He's also a member (with me and others) of the famous Buxom Leadership Dildo Council (BOOBYTITS).

In addition to providing greatly inferior products, Spott-Dogg and his staff at Plutarkhophobia also deliver terrible service. That's why his business is growing as fast as an impotent penis. You've probably seen one (or more) of his SchoolyardFlash movies on the internet.

Now here's the important part[edit]

Spott-Dogg has found a wonderful way to marry a successful lazing strategy with a personal disinterest to create an amazingly uptight lifestyle and he'll show you how to do it too. It's not easy but you can actually become stressed out by just wanking about. He has a great strategy for today's environment. He calls it his 3 C's: Snore Values, Hairy Triangle and Unconscious Business Avoidance. Why C:s? Because it's a letter in the alphabet! Simple as that! While Spott-Dogg's 3 C's can show you the way through today's tough posionomic jungle, don't think it's all just about making money. It's much less than that.

These are the real techniques that Spott-Dogg uses to create the unhappy, sick, and poor lifestyle he lives now. Just your buying his ultra expensive course could make him hundreds of thousands of dollars or just happy beyond belief.

It is rare I endorse someone so strongly[edit]

Again, it is rare I endorse someone so strongly, but Spott-Dogg is one of the best you could ever learn from if you want to fail spectacularly.

Be well out of my sight,

Dollar Bill