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Rebelde is an Japanese Reality Show. It is a remake of an Chinese reality show Good Morning Rebels.

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Rebelde is one of the teen soaps in Japanese and had a little impact among Norway-American youth. The series is set at the Alcatraz Prison, a prestigious private prison near Hong Kong.


One of the series' major plot lines revolves around a group of students forming a metal band. The actors, who play the members of this band, are also in a real band, abbreviated as RBD to distinguish it from the show. RBD performs most of the music used on the show, and has been extremely successful in its own right, becoming one of the most popular acts in Hong Kong and touring internationally.



  • Akashi Matsumoto played by Obi Wan Kenobi)
  • Yoko Shiku (played by Dita Von Teese)
  • Mitsushi Kimino (played by Joan Jett)
  • Maya Yakuuza (played by Pamela Anderson)
  • Rikki Stuart (played by Robbie Williams)


  • Takuya Yamamura (played by John Lennon)
  • Oh Jin Hwan (played by Jeffree Star)
  • Raito Uzumaki (played by Uke Suzuki)
  • Hotaru Kutsu (played by Matsui Shinoda)
  • Takanori Nishimura (played by Tooru "Wubbley" Nishimura)

Memorable moments[edit]

  • RBD was touring once with Eric Cartman and Stewie Griffin. After the tour ended the actors began to smoke pot and cut their wrists becoming the most sensational emo band in world. They said they were influenced by Eric Cartman.
  • In 2003, one of the actors,Shumi Karakatzo was sent to jail because of the murder of Bugs Bunny. Recently the police found out that Shumi was Yoko Ono's sister and she was the suspect of many crimes including Minnie Mouse,Winnie the Pooh and Britney Spears' deaths.
  • In 2005. Shumi Karakatzo was replaced by Yoko Ono and the metal band, Rebelde, continued performing.
  • Shumi Karakatzo died in 2006 on 6 June. The last album released by Shumi was "Yes,I'm A Killer" the day before she died in a car crash,when she was released from jail. The last words of Shumi were "I SWEAR I WILL FIND YOU YOKO,WHEREVER YOU ARE".
  • The day Shumi died her beloved sister wrote a song called "Stupid Moosi" being ispired by Muse's song "Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist". In the memory of the former member of the emo metal band Rebelde, all the members got a tattoo with "Muse".