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“Recess, (possibly) everyones favorite T.V. show. *cough*itblows*cough*”

~ Luigi on Recess


~ Homer Simpson on Recess

“I'd rather just sit at the fence of a schoolyard at recess time. Damn ripoff!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Recess

“ This show whomps!”

~ T.J. Detweiler on Recess



What it is Action
Creator Satan
Starring Your Mom
Lance Bass
Samuel Jackson
Micheal Jordan
Your Mom
Not your Mom
Jack Black
Waluigi And other people...
Who's running it Rendall, his gay enough to make gay shows
How long is it Fuck, who cares?
No. of episodes Probably ∞.
Would even Luigi watch it? Fuck no.. he would rather be a fat pedophile..

Recess is a cartoon produced by Disney. There's really nothing about it than makes it redeemable as a cartoon, let alone a children's cartoon. Seriously. Go home.


There have been several Characters in the series. However, like MacBeth, it seems to be haunted with every script. Some rumor that in Episode 20, there is a child's ghost viewable in the drapes after being super-imposed within the Korean draft film. Also, it involved Ted Danson and a baby or something. Also, several actors who have played the characters have met gruesome deaths. Usually by Grues, hence the word Gruesome. However, unlike MacBeth, it wasn't written by Shakespeare, however, some conspiracy theories have came up, questioning Sir Francis Bacon... I think...


  • TJ Detweiler - Fat idiot, way too far up his own arse.
  • Vince LaSalle - Token black kid, turns into a geek at full-moon.
  • Gretchen Grundler - the biggest dork you will ever see, strongly resembles a beaver.
  • Mikey Blumberg - Some morbidly obese twattish poofter.
  • Gus Griswald - Token gay guy
  • Ashley Spinelli - She'll beat the shit out of you. She's also a lesbian, but you didn't hear that from me!
  • The Ashleys - The whores of the playground. They hang out in a pile of tires-made home, and that's where they have customers come for delicious, fresh-baked muffins. They are the main source of masturbation for the children of the playground, both male and female, and often wear tight revealing clothes and 'accidentally' pop out of their tops.
  • Randall Wheymes - creepy little turd, has a sexual relationship with his pensioner teacher, Finster.
  • Miss Finster - The bitchy yard supervisor. She abuses the children and steals stuff from them. She a sploded in episode 1337. Monster kill-kill-kill-kill... Is listed as a sex-offender in all 50 states.
  • Miss Grotke - Their hippie teacher. She usually just smoked Mary-Jane and did some Brown Acid while the kids played with fire. Her race is unknown. She is also a tranny as she has hairy legs.
  • King Bob - Baby Bob from those Quiznos commercials, older. He rules the school. He's also know to be quite a prick, especially while drunk. Sometimes likes to refer to himself as the Hitler of the playground. These kids are fucking out there.
  • Menlo - A ultra-gay kid. Gayest in the show. He spends all his time in the office. And not for rape. Not for beating someone up. Because he's gay and helps out there. I'm pretty sure he can call sexual favours from the staff in that position. He is saving himself for Miss Lemon (school secretary) to have a moment of weakness.
  • Lawson - Bully of the school, and has tried to rape some peoples before. Got his ass kicked by Spinelli, who promptly was arrested; read her bio above, jackass.
  • Pornchip Girl - A little girl who is always watching porn. Gave Gus Abe Lincoln naked once.
  • Principal Prick-ly: 3rd Street school's hard ass warden and gerneraly a grouchy prick hince the name. He also is secretly a liberal hippie.

fuck you bitch

One timer Characters[edit]

Dry Bones

The bonny skeliton from the mario Games, died after a kick ball hitted his head, but then came back to life, shortly after and then was shoved into the crappy food the students are fed everyday voiced by Osama 'Dry bones' bin Laden

Harvest goddess

The sexy young girl who only appered to kill her sister, and also keep shouting Ta-da whenever she appeared, she wanted to get away from her because she liked scissor sisters, died after she got turned into stone and teleported to replace a statue which Tj and the gang climed over and destroyed.

Red robbin

The leader of the pixies and lover of the harvest goddess. died the same way the harvest goddess did. voiced by Captain Crunch.

Witch Goddess

The evil fucking bitch who wants her sister dead. died after her pixie attack was deflected back at her and the pixies all went back into her vagina.

Yoshi (and his family)

A family of Yoshi's whom went on a holiday, but were picked on by others, all to do with the episode on Racism and other shit, at the end, they Killed the kids in a way which makes Mortal Kombat look like Extremely Safe for kids

Bangers and Mash and there family

Those chimps from the tv series Bonkers and Mess. Just like above they wanted to go on holiday, but unlike above, they got sent to a zoo, though escaped soon after, after they got laughed at, Dad his traidinal monkey roar which deafened some people. They also returned to that island which is further than you have been on holiday before they got killed in a King Kong Fashion. Voiced by Jack Black and Suzy bear.

Osama bin Laden

The idiotic indian who speaks a load of crap. he ran the english class and could speak english to the teachers but spoke to the whole class in indian. The children couldn't understand a goddamn thing. Voiced by Dry Bones.

Bowser jr.

The loser son of Bowser, whom is nothing but a ginger headed twat, he died in a unexplained Explosion. voiced by shadow the Hedgehog 2

Homer Simpson

Only made a brief appereance whence he says he is here for the comedy club, but gets shot in the head. Voiced by Borat.

Peter Griffin

Only appeared in 2 episodes, where Peter makes up cutaways. No really. Also made a short cameo in a flashback when TJ & Vince were thinking of making a fake swear, after Vince asked what the word is Voiced by Stan Smith.

Stan Smith

Stan is a CIA worker. No questions asked. Voiced by Peter Griffin.

Gay Luigi

Actually called Jay Luigi, but called gay because Fat Mario called him that in that game nintendo wants dead. voiced by Mama Luigi.


Fastest thing alive, the niggers of the show stole his shoes, now he's the slowest thing alive. voiced by whoever was voicing him in the games at the time.

Earth-Worm Jim

the worm in a original......killed by mikey instead of hurtted by a cow (which was still in New Junk City. did he use a cheat code?. voiced by Earth-Worm Jim


a horny, inmature jerk. he caused may childeren to be gay cause he told them to 'suck it'. he then made the whole village gay, killed in a gay bar by tj. voiced by.....waluigi you peter griffin.

Drew Pickles

the gayest man in the entire universe. he appered in the episode where he is a substitute teacher,and in witch he raped all the kids in the classroom. voiced by Stu Pickles


The rat from the game which involves capturing Various creatures in small balls of metal, he did some shit and was later killed by TJ for giving his mother weils disease voiced by A Computer

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

the evil scientist from Feneas & Phirb, he is in theroy a character whom always appereas in every goddamn epsiode, he is know for his evil schemes and inventions such as the swearinator and the unswearinator, his plans are always foiled by Agent not perry the platerpusss you peter griffin, but peter griffin himselef. voiced by himselef from season 2 onwards.


Many people have targeted Recess as a vehicle for racist propaganda. Which most people know is BS.*

Censorship has been a recent problem within the Recess writing community, especially the "Asian jokes" which have been hijacked by most of the animating staff, who were not Asian whatsoever.** Some of the following instances were cut by the Family Channel, which is a section of Disney, so it obviously has some stupid moral justification or because Disney collapsed under the pressure.

- T.J. was originally supposed to be wearing a pair of ass-less chaps. But the creators thought*** the earring was too sexual.

-Gus was supposed to be named Lust, but the creators also decided**** that that was wasn't going to appeal to a 4 year old audience, so they just made him sexually curious.

These are the major changes, most of the minor changes were usually to change sentances from, "Fuck you, Mrs. Finster," to "That 'whomps,'" which used to be sexual innuendo anyways. Other sentances were;

"Gus, get off of me," to "Gus, your sexual choices upset me and my moral fibre," (Ep. 1)

"Fuck you, Mrs. Finster," (Ep. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20-500)

"Spinelli, you're a fucking bitch," to "Spenelli, you're a fucking non-gender specific animal," (Ep. 1, '100 x')

This is only a small section of thousands of changes over the series, but the list could potentially crash Media Wiki.*****

(* Not really.)

(** Yes, they actually were.)

(*** Forced, with physical torture.)

(**** As above.)

(***** Writer is too lazy.)

other examples were racist jokes such as:

"Vince you stupid nig-nog, you should of moved before Lawson stole Spanellie you idioctic Nig-nog"

"TJ this is no time to act like the little kyke that you are!"

other jokes/lines were edited on all re-runs to prevent the PTC, complaining. these include things like:

  • Gay jokes (Ep.1,66,96-100 and 121)
  • Rasict yoshi jokes (every episode made)
  • Miss grotchey saying she going to do TJ after school.
  • Vince's Adult shop
  • Gus saying he wish TJ would have sex with him.

Video game[edit]

A Recess video game was under dervelopment, soon after the first season ended. the game used fetures and stole major levels, characters, items and power ups from famous games such as, Mario series, Zelda series, Pokemon series, Sonic the hedgehog series, Pacman series, Spyro Series, Kingdom Hearts series, Crash Bandicoot series, Harvest Moon series, Ratchet and Clank series, Jak and Daxter series, Sly Cooper series and every other video game series there is. after the game was relesed, a law suit called 'The Recess game vs Every company that had anything nicked or stole without permission'. during the lawsuit, the people who made recess, cloned each other and turned them in to adults so they can make more episodes for recess. during this point, many viewers believed the episodes were starting to get weird and jumping the shark a lot of the time. after the lawsuit, the people who made the recess game had to give up the game and the game soon got took of market, meaning the game is the rarest game ever with only 10 copies sold and over 1000 bein destroyed. the game was very poorly reviced, it scorred 01% in the american game magazines and scored 01% on a import reveiew which was done by NGC. the game is considered by nearly everrone to be the worst game ever. however, the recess website rated it the best game ever with a score of 1000 out of 10, some people believed that this was a stupid idea giving a game a masive score, but serious recess fans believed that it was comon cencesed.

A sequel was under development as of 6 May 2007 and was relesed into stores by 7 May 2007. Like the last one, it was considered to suck. a reviewer said 'there are only three games and these are on the internet'. this game like the other, scored the same scores, but the recess site added a million points to it.

More Games and lawsuits[edit]

A fighting game was under development, yet whilst developing it HAL Laboratory sued the creators brcause it was like the smash bros. series, ironically, it had badly done versions of mario, luigi, link, dk, diddy kong, wario, waluigi and princess spaghetti, the creators scrapped the game and made a punch out game, this was also stopped by Nintendo, due to copying the games feature, then it was a wii sports clone, except had all of the characters from it, once again, nintendo sued them and put a ban on there game copping of there games, however, they then stole yoshi and put him as a bad guy, during the very early stage of this (before they creators said u can kill him in may ways (those little arsehole recess creators), nintendo, sues recess for racism, bullying, abusing yoshi and may other things, after these things the creators then made a bunch of internet games like kill gus, and true tj death.

as of episode $1295.31, the show started coping games plots, and made tham for 20 minuet movies, these were a middle finger insult to the fans, as these took the p.i. sstaker out of yoshi, luigi, hammer bro., koopa troopa, psycrow and many others, the companys sued the bastards arses off, and now, they can only use, megaman, bobbsy, cosmic kitten, and cave people. this however, didn't last and they then took yoshi again and killed him millions of times. then, cause of this, nintendo, yoshi's, and every single yoshi fan, all sued the bastard, a mega huge fine of $1295.31. now, the bastards will never steal and insult yoshi evar agian.

Why have people made a huge article on an unimportant show like this one?[edit]

Because there are 12 year olds on the internet, that's why. Also, because a lot of the editors on this page think they're funny, but are actually the most awkwardly unfunny people on the planet.