Reconstituted International Peoples Church of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Scooby Gang

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The Reconstituted International Peoples Church of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Scooby Gang (RIPCoBtVSanSG) is a fundamentalist religious group noted for their belief in Buffyliteralism. Their canon is the first five seasons, although their disregard for the apocrypha goes farther than the other denominations. They do not recognise the Primacy of Sunnydale.

Major Tenets[edit]

The Resurrection of Sarah-Michelle[edit]

Central to the theology of the RIPCoBtVSanSG is a belief in the physical resurrection of Sarah Michelle Gellar after a brief stay in Devon. This is the basis for the majority of the holidays recognised by the church, and for much of their theological discussion.

Status of the Apocryphal Series Angel[edit]

The church recognises a single episode of Angel as canon. In this episode, Buffy returns from Devon to have sex with Angel and berate him for gaining his own spin-off. This segment echoes views held by the church hierarchy and is deemed canon.

A History of the Church[edit]

1992-1997: The Swanson Primacy[edit]

The Church was originally founded by Pope Joss the Great (b. Joss the Whedon, 1964). The RIPCoBtVSanSG was formally established in 1992 with the belief in Kristy Swanson as the One True Buffy. The Church enjoyed a small cult following for the next five years but its further development was hindered by other, more powerful religions like the First United Church of Batman, Jurassic Parkism, Forrest Gumpianity, and the Independence Deists.

1997: The First Buffy Council[edit]

After five years of unchanged dogma, Pope Joss called the First Buffy Council to institute changes. The Council resolved that:

  • That the resurrection of Sarah Michelle Gellar will replace Kristy Swanson as the One True Savior.
  • That the Primacy of Sunnydale be rendered illegitimate.
  • That the One True Church will separate from the Church of Buffy.
  • That the St. Cordelians will be accepted under the Edict of Tolerance.
  • That certain orders of the Old Church be excommunicated. These orders to include the Sutherlandians, the Order of Arquette, and the Canonical Order of St. Luke Perry

1997-2001: Worldwide conversion[edit]

After the Council, the RIPCoBtVSanSG's following exploded worldwide.

2001: Schism[edit]

Ath this point, the Church suffered a series of major schisms. The resurrection of Buffy after her second death at the end of Season 5 and the alternate focus on the Angelus tested the faithful's faith severely. The Church splintered, with the now-defunct Church of Buffy, Giles, Willow and Xander continuing with Buffyliteralism but the RIPCoBtVSanSG stopping at this point, stating "there is some plot-twists even we can't swallow. Hello? How many times has she died now? Oh, come on, already".

2001-present: The Reconstituted Church[edit]

The Church continues, albeit in a reduced form. The long-running dispute with the Faithists has also led to tensions, as those who believe that salvation arrives with good works contend with those who state that only belief in Eliza Dushku is required.

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