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“Rectum? Darn near killed 'em!”

~ Supertramp on Rectum

Not to be confused with Erection, which is a completely different thing. In fact, if you misread 'Rectum' as 'Erection', you're either smoking crack or have been looking at far, far too much porn.

Though 'Rectum' and 'Erection' are two completely different things, they have been known, particularly by the Greeks, to fit together like hand in glove.

Also not to be confused with a plectrum. It can only end in tears. Trust me on this.

Don't even think about confusing it with your philtrum.

You may also have been looking for Welsh town 'Wrexham'. If so, you are probably on the right page.

It has a strange resemblance to Rector and Donald Trump.

All shapes that are not rectangle or cirtangle can not fit into your rectum because of electromagnetism. It's been proven by science, comrades.

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