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Nuvola apps important.svg Oh noes!
Viewing below document burns retinas.

Welcome, Comrade! Entrez! Plop thine heiny downwind!

Our Aim o’ Hither Document

Our aim o’ hither document remains predicated around creating just ane single parchment wherin each single ein o' these thangs occur without being connected yonder; thusly, however unlikely, nary ein singular linkage directs yee toward content.


O' course, our utter valiance would become thwarted because attractive humanoids similar towards youse all goes editing several o' these thangs hither.

"Allowed usage o' slashes (ie, "\ / \ /" ) instead a'typing W? How aboot misspellings?"
-Oskar \/\/ilde subject: Redpage

Observe Youse Hence These (yeah, sure)
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