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Wikipedia doesn't have a proper article about Redhate. It really wouldn't help those so-called experts by writing one either.

Redhate, not to be confused with Red Hat, is a special version of Linux developed by Senator Joseph McCarthy of the House UN-American Activities Committee to express his hate for those red communist bastards.

Packed full of cyanide, its purpose is to delete all of the red pixels from your computer, leaving only cyan.

You are advised to close all Windows before installation. After burning a copy to disk, you will notice you feel depressed and may experience "pain". The pain, of course, can be subdued only by sacrificing three live copies of FreeBSD, two zip disks (which are elusive and hard to find), and of course a copy of Windows XP embedded installed in your shoe.

Every week Kernel Sanders pays a visit with his most recent upgrades to ensure the Redhate operating system has got more secret spices than necessary. This is because it is the Aufstralian way and without it the operating system would be nothing.

It can be said that Oscar Wilde could have infact been involved in the creation of Redhate aswell because he loves doing all kinds of shit that has hasn't really done. Anyway, back to the story.

In 2003 Redhate made its first corporate appearance when Bill Gates accidently formatted his office floor with a copy of Redhate. It turns out that he didn't actually close all Windows before installation subsequently his open Windows "covered" the Redhate warning installations so that when a cat jumped inside one of his open Windows it pressed spacebar which was subsequently focused on the point-of-no-return dialogue and it proceeded with the installation for the whole floor of the building.