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Refu G (Born:??/??/198?) was a popular 21st Centuary Vietnamese Rapper.He was assassinated by an exploding arrow to the face on the 25th of October 2006. It is widely believed the Vietnamese government are responsible.


Refu G was born in Vietnam, in the late 1980's under the name John J. Rambo. His exact birthday is unknown due to Vietnam's piss-poor excuse for a health service, the NHS. Refu was brought up in Ho Chi Minh city, formally known as Saigon, Formally known as Ho Chi Minh city, formally known as Saigon, with his father, the bad guy from Rambo II. Refu was forced to flee Vietnam after his father was killed by an exploding arrow to the face, delivered by his own namesake. It was a tough road to a better life, but on the way he formed a love for rap music and adopted the pseudonym Refu G. He eventually arrived in Britain in early 2002.


Despite not having legal asylum, Refu G managed to land a hotel room in Old Kent road for a mere £250. From here he wrote lyrics for his album, and was immediately signed up by Vietcong records.

Debut album: Refu G and the Vietcong

Refu G and the Vietcong was released on 21st february 2004 and shot to number 768 in the album charts, two places behind Pink Floyd's Dark side of the moon which was released 31 years previously. This album spawned Refu G's only UK top 200 hit, "Fuck the INS", which reached number 136. Refu G released two other songs off this album, "Refu G day" and "A Cong is a Cong" but, sadly, both fell under the radar. This album received very few stars in most reviews but Agent Orange magazine(Vietnam's NME) gave it five burning American's out of five.

The difficult second album: Straight outta Saigon

Refu G released his second album on May 25th 2005, and called it his "Heathen Chemistry" without realised that Heathen Chemistry was infact a crap album. This album was very very bad. It didn't even chart in the album chart because stores who stocked the album were too embarresed to declare how many they had sold. The first single from this album "Vietcong's paradise" didn't sell a single copy and his follow up "Our Adidas" did no better. After this embarresment, he announced his retirement from the music industry.


At the age of about 20 Refu G had retired from the music industry due to embarresment of his second album "Straight outta Saigon". Due to his knowledge of the music industry, he moved back to Vietnam to take a job as editor for Agent Orange Magazine. He spent the next year interviewing Vietnam's hottest bands, movie stars and transvestites.


In October 2006 he interviewed the hot Vietnamese musical up-comers "My-Lai Massacre", a soft-pop act from Hanoi, and gave them only 1 Burning American, unaware that the president's son, Nixon Doctrine, was the lead singer. This Majorly pissed of the president who hired a few goons to take out Refu. On October 25th 2006, Refu G was sadly assassinated, ironically in the same way his father had died, with an exploding arrow to the face. His funeral was a small affair because there was very few bits of his to bury. A memorial has been set-up in Cambodia somewhere by the Vietnamese, in an attempt to pretend he was never from Vietnam.


Refu G and the Vietcong

  1. "A Cong is a Cong" - 3:08 ~ (Did not Chart)
  2. "Refu G day" - 4:52 ~ (Did not Chart)
  3. "Fuck the INS" - 5:43 ~ (number 136)
  4. "Vietcong Vietcong" - 5:36
  5. "They're taking away my asylum!" - 2:53
  6. "I.D Cards??" - 4:32
  7. "Regulate(Nam mix)" - 5:01
  8. "One night in Ho Chi Minh City" - 4:08
  9. "She sells Saigon" - 6:59

Straight outta Saigon

  1. "Intro" - 0:25
  2. "Straight Outta Saigon" - 4:27
  3. "Vietcong's paradise" - 4:01 ~ (Did not Chart)
  4. "Express Yourself(Within certain pre-set parameters)" - 4:21
  5. "Guns don't kill people, Agent Orange does" - 3:25
  6. "Our Adidas" - 3:25 ~ (Did not Chart)
  7. "Saigon rock city" - 3:56
  8. "Ho Chi Minh City Girls" - 2:25
  9. "outro" - 1:12

(~ Denotes Single)