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Regicide - not to be confused with Reggie's Side, Pesticide or Barack Obama - Is the process in which a King, Queen or another similar royal figure is executed by rule of another Monarch/Pig and or government/Small group of pigs.

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However, research - not to be confused with Rei's search, Rebirth or Barack Obama - has shown that as the rare species known as "Royallus Snoballus" Has shown a decrease in numbers, the amount of executions of this species or regicide - not to be confused with Reggie's Side, Pesticide or Barack Obama - (See what I did there?!) Has also decreased, increasing the rarity of the species and we believe you'll soon be seeing a heart-felt advert based around you giving/losing at gunpoint precious pounds/dollars/yen/Canadian Dollars/Euros/Imperial Credits/Pieces of Eight to the "Poor", "Impoverished", "Dying", "Aids-ridden", "Charles-Hounded", Royallus Snoballus so then an intrepid University Graduate can attend to this poor creatures needs from the comfort of a hotel somewhere in Eastern Europe - not to be confused with Eat your own poop, Greasen Your Rope or Barack Obama - And that is money well spent/lost at gunpoint.


A Christian - Not to be confused with Christ or Ian, [1] Is a deadly creature and is not to be trusted, preferring to lurk around your doorway than in its so called "Church" but that's beside the point. If you should ever encounter such a remarkable being - not to be confused with Bean, Boing or Bong - then if you survive long enough to listen, you'll discover it speaks rather highly of the slaughtering of Monarchs/Kittens Because its a well known fact that Christians are strongly against modern society and you "damned youths" - not to be confused with Sooth, Tooth or Truth - so it's quite natural that they depise all Monarchs, after all God is the only true lord, except the internet: It's small, beautifully deformed sister that the family like to keep hidden in the cupboard whilst you're eating and they all cackle like witches as you gently sup at your odd tasting tomato soup and your vision goes blurry and...

But I digress...[edit]

We're veering off track. So let's resume our talk on The effect of Machines on Arnold Schwarzenegger. As you can clearly see from the imaginary flow chart, the birth rate has gone up (and then some) in recent years and as a direct result, there're more babies which is good for... someone or other I'm sure. This is not good, however, for the numerous wild Royals hidden carefully in the many grand palaces across the world: As each Baby becomes a Toddler - A popular step in growth, or so I'm told - It must pass a rite of Passage - Not to be confused with Assage, Sausage or Orphanage - Which involes it donning the ancient Battle armour Of its fore-fathers and charge into a fearsome battle with the "Royallus Snoballus" Involving incapacitating flurries of ancient kisses (From the Royallus of course), deadly tacky handbags and several small rattish animals adorned with fiery manes and a frightful yip to their mighty snouts.


  1. just imagine the two together maybe...