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Remiel after being defeated by Lloyd.

Remiel was Mr. I Think I'm so High and Mighty's first job.


When he took the job of being Remiel he became known as a sex symbol of the angels and even had a baby with one, or so he thought.

The child, Colette, was then put on Earth to be the Chosen.

Everytime she'd come to the seal, Remiel would come smoking a cigar with his hot self, throw off the attempts to seduce him by Raine and Sheena, and grant Colette more power over the Polar Easterlies which helped her become a better angel.

Overall, it was a sweet job. He got all the cigars he wanted, he couldn't get lung cancer, because he was an Angel, he couldn't die, because he was an angel, he loved his job.

Until one fateful day, when he was at the last seal, he learned Colette wasn't his daughter. He loved Colette, very much, and immediatly after telling her that he wasn't her father, she immediatly came on to him. Remiel liked her too, and they arranged a date, only to be thwarted by Lloyd Irving.

Collete after doing some crack with Remial and Kratos

The Battle for Colette[edit]

Lloyd Irving was ticked at Remiel for wanting to become Colette's boyfriend, in a non-sexual way, but actual in a constructive, and positive form, and to save it for marriage. Lloyd with his mindset, after hearing Remiel speak of the relationship, yelled out, "SEX SHOULD BE BEFORE MARRIAGE EVERYTIME YOU GO TO SCHOOL!" Lloyd, of course, didn't know what the heck sex was, he just yelled it, because he didn't like Remiel.

Anywho, Colette was stunned by this outburst, and fainted, thus not being able to participate in the battle, and then Lloyd charged Remiel.

Remiel was a tough fight. He was given a bow and light magic for his attacks. He could even teleport. Some of his moves are as follows...

  • Holy Jig
  • Disco Blast
  • Sex-Appeal Ray

He wasn't too diverse, but neither was Lloyd, who never learned anything but Demon Fang. Needless to say, Lloyd pulled through, Remiel passed out, then Kratos came in, and reprimanded him for losing.

Remiel died because of this and swore revenge on Lloyd.

After Remiel died, Kratos literally mopped the floor with Lloyd's crew. Then Mithos Yggdrasill came down, did a 80s jig, and made everything calm. Then Lloyd wanted a fight. Mithos didn't want to however, until he learned that because of them Remiel died. He then kicked Lloyd's butt and the rest of his party.


After Remiel died and was ressurected in heaven, he then took the position of Gah where he now plots to assissinate Lloyd.