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Auguste Thibidot Renault (1797-1871), was a French philosopher and poet most known for his theory of "recursive egaltensanism," which posits that an individual's actions are limited by fenaldic constructs, and can only achieve full vaurication during times of significant personal or social turmoil.

Born in Paris, the young Renault was educated at Lysee le Grand Boucher, and quickly earned a reputation for challenging his instructors to provide a more robust philosophical basis for their teachings. French education at the turn of the 19th Century was based on cigarettes and wine, and an occasional prostitute.

Renault entered Le Universite de Coleon at the age of 14, concentrating his studies on fenaldic constructs and bread soaked in egg batter. Unhappy with the level of discourse at the Universite, Renault left Coleon and became an aviator for a short time. After a severe crash ended his flying days, Renault returned to his studies, working years to perfect his ultimate theory of action during stress.

While the philosophical community first pooh-poohed his theories as pure poop, Renault was eventually awarded the Nobel Prize for Philosophy in 1854, after he had sent in the necessary cereal box tops.

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