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Downtown Rennie

Rennie, Manitoba, Canada, is just a short walk down highway 44 from Whitemouth. Renowned for its extensive mosquito collection, as well as its world class pot holes, Rennie is a must see destination where geese outnumber residents 10:1.

A honeymooners paradise, Rennie is the perfect place to celebrate your relationship and commitment to your partner. Also a great place for singles who are looking to meet that special someone as the number of newly single Rennonites is increasing all the time.

You won't want to miss the Sunday night migration when tourists return home to their dreary little lives to dream of when they next return to this paradise. Popular pastimes also include trying to cross the highway on a friday night, cursing at slow driving tourists, and making fun of stupid city people.Oh! And drinking of course!

WARNING: Drinking the water may be hazardous to relationships

Other nearby attractions include Elma.

Twin City to Seven Sisters Falls