Republican Zim

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Republican Zim
Classification Robot
Position Henchman to Dick Cheney
Weapon Intelligence
Irken Technology
Loyalty Dick Cheney
The Republican Party
The Irken Empire
In it for World Domination
Galactic Domination

Republican Zim began as a small white lie told by President Bush in 2003 while he was confronted by a crowd of Democrats who were angry at the incompetent president over the war in Iraq. When confronted with questions about his true motives for invading the defenseless country, Bush decided to lie his way out of answering any of these questions by stating, "Don't ask me, ask my boss Republican Zim". This lie only infuriated the crowd, so Bush's real boss/puppeteer, Dick Cheney had to take matters into his own hands, yet again, to get Bush (more importantly, himself) out of this jam.

The Lie Takes On A Physical Form[edit]

Dick Cheney, who had some connections to the Irken Empire (connections that would later lead to Invader Zim's temporary conquest of earth in 2006) asked the Almighty Tallest for assistance in getting him out of the mess that his puppet President George W. Bush had gotten him into. Dick told Tallest Red and Tallest Purple about the lie Bush had told that his boss was an irken overlord known as "Republican Zim". The Tallest, who knew all about earth politics, agreed to help Dick Cheney. The Tallest, who though that most Republicans are stupid, proceeded to build a robot for Dick Cheney in the image of the most idiotic invader, in their opinion, who ever existed: Invader Zim. Tallest Red and Purple then gave the robot to Dick Cheney, dubbing it "Republican Zim". The robot was given superhuman intelligence and free will, as well as other super powers that few humans possessed. The robot, now known as Republican Zim, agreed to help Dick Cheney, and appeared before the crowd that President Bush was speaking to, claiming to be the moronic president's boss. This appearance cleared up the incident as Republican Zim gave several valid reasons for invading Iraq that satisfied the Democrats to a certain extent.

Final Days[edit]

During the Invader Zim takeover of earth in 2006, Invader Zim's attacks on Washington destroyed Republican Zim by accident. When Invader Zim learned that such a being existed he had this to say: "Nooooooooo! How could the Tallest not tell me of this Republican version of me!?" Invader Zim actually had plans to reconstruct Gay Zim. They were however, cut short after he was overthrown by Dib Membrane in late 2007. It is thought, however, that he, with the help of Dr. Nefarious, may be reconstructing Republican Zim so he can re-claim earth.

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