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Republitarianism is an American is a political philosophy which combines the libertarian and republican ideologies. Famous Republitarians include Larry Elder, and Andrew Sullivan.

Republitarianism vs. Neoconservatism[edit]

Unlike neoconservatives, Republitarians don't believe in state-funded faith-based initiatives, also called FBI, or large governmental subsidies to any number of groups. Because of this, leading political thinkers have concluded that J. Edgar Hoover was not a Republitarian. Similarly, Republitarians are not Liberals, because, well, frankly, that wouldn't make sense. Many Republicans who live in log cabins are also said to be Republitarians.

Republitarianism vs. Libertarian Party[edit]

The only noticeable difference is that Republitarians, or Pubbies for short, are not allowed to buy their Ph.Ds where as Libertarians may do so. Additionally, these so-called libertarians, also known as librarians, are sometimes too Liberal, such as in the case of Bill Maher to even resemble this group. In addition, libertarians seem to like crack whereas Pubbies don't. But, there are exceptions for those in log cabins.


Some have argued that Republitarianism started with Barry Goldwater, yet, he is not known to have muttered the phrase in English, Yiddish, French, or any other language for that matter. Others say that Ronald Reagan as the movement's patron, but these people know nothing about anything political, as Reagan associated with Pat Robertson (see also, Pat Buchanan)

In more recent times, Republitarians have been thought to be in on the deaths of both Nostradamus and JFK, but only Al Franken seems to actually believe this.


Like all Republicans, Pubbies generally use an elephant as their emblem. Though, others use the Eagle, Liberty Bell, Puppies, or even Abraham Lincoln's beard as symbols of their Republitarianness. Others still would use the Dollar sign, due to a fondness for money because, when you get right down to it, it's all about the benjamins.

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