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Resolution is the term for how much detail a person can see. Every person, even Jesus, have a resolution. Due to God's will (and limitations of his computer's graphics card, although he has planned to upgrade it someday) every human's vision is limited to a resolution of 1024x768.

(As of yesterday resolution is defined by websters see Websters Resolution)

Resolution and computers[edit]

“Relax, I'll get a ATi Radeon X1950XTX soon.”

~ God on Resolution

Computers can have a bigger resolution than humans. This is because they can have much more advanced graphics cards than God has for his computer. But having such high resolutions (some even reach 1280x1024!) is of no use for us humans currently (Come on God! We want more detail!), except giving us headaches. nVidia claims that some of their GeForce's can reach resolutions higher than 1280x1024, but this is not true for most of us (with the exception of someone).

Resolution and real life[edit]

Bill Gates has had many resolutions, but unfortunately none of them were higher than 320x240. Therefore, he is considered a weakling. Many have thought of increasing their resolution, and they've made many attempts to do this, the most common one being praying (see begging) to God. However, God often replies by electrocuting the prayer telling him he should have been more patient, after which he drinks a cup of coffee singing "Oh yet another human's dead".

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