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A typical restaurant attendant
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Restaurant.

Restaurants are interesting places with interesting customers. Restaurants are used by broad range of species such as humans, flies, spiders, e coli and salmonella. Restaurants can serve many different type of cuisine such as Chinese, Indian or American citizens. Frequently they serve as a repository of last resort for huffed birds of all species.

They are places where you give people bits of worthless paper and they give you food - often cooked, unless you have fallen for the Great Sushi Conspiracy and gone to a sushi restaurant. The food is often edible.

In some restaurants, you don't need the pieces of paper - one piece of plastic will do - and they even give it back to you.

In most restaurants, you aren't even expected to cook it yourself. Do not get confused by the sort of restaurant where the waiter cooks crêpes right next to your table. They are doing that because the chef hates the smell of burning crêpes, and won't allow them to cook them in the kitchen.

You may even manage to find the extremely rare Irish Sushi restaurant, which does cook its food.

Many people also visit restaurants just for the fun of it. Restaurants contain much wonderful atmosphere for the customer to enjoy such as music, laughing or the foggy haze of stale cigarette smoke.

Here is one example of an eager restaurant customer:

A customer's quote while dining at McDonalds

"I enjoy dining at many exquisite locations around area where I live such as Burger King, KFC or McDonalds. I would have to call myself a obsessed restaurant critic since I dine at restaurants every now and then. Tomorrow I am having a birthday party with my family at Pizza Hut and I am looking forward to dining at this posh restaurant!"

As has been said by this excited customer at McDonalds, restaurants are something that we can't live without which is like removing coke from our body system (in other words we could die without it).

Popular Restaurants[edit]

Restaurants were around back in the time of Jesus
Companies such as Pie in the Sky stopped serving gay people in fear of termites spilling blood on the new floor. Restaurants stopped serving pies and have started serving wood.

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