Return of the Killer Garbage

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The Return of the Killer Garbage is a 1991 movie and is the second out of three rumored movies of the Attack of the Killer Garbage (Franchise). And the fourth movie in the Attack of (franchise). They all suck exept Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (franchise). And amazingly, this movie is named the "best" movie. According to everyone.


The Flaming Homer saves Moe's buisness after Moe steals the name and names it a Flaming Moe. Pretty obviously, Homer then tries to harvest live garbage to kill Moe, although he has a shot gun, and for 20 minutes does it with a girl bartender, on screen. Later Moe kills them all, including Homer's family, and Homer then stabs him with a knife, later his family recovers, especilly Maggie, who then shoots the rest of the family........Accidently..........

Moe's Last Words[edit]

"Hiya Homer, what's the matter?"


God's Movie Nominated for 54 of the awards, won 321.