Return of the Killer Tomatoes

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Return of the Killer Tomatoes was a planned sequel to the box-office bomb, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, itself based on the Great Tomato War. Although the project was shelved, it re-emerged in 1980 as a best selling novel, making a larger profit than the film.

Plot of the Abandoned Film[edit]

The aborted-film was to tell the story of the aftermath of the Great Tomato War. Vegetables and Humanity are still recovering from the effects of the war. There are still tensions between man and fruit, and the price of foodstuffs have skyrocketed, with a single piece of Pasta costing as much as £500.

Furpp (a purely fictional character) was a survivor of the Great Tomato War who no longer cared about vengeance for the Potato Famine but yearned with a lust for power, and planned to kill Queen Victoria to gain control of the British Empire. But with many vegetables still weary from the first War, he must carry out the mission alone.

Plot of the Bestselling Book[edit]

The book itself thankfully held no link to the crap plot given above, or indeed any link to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

The book served as a documentary on the aftermath of the Potato Famine and the Great Tomato War. It's author, Bill Gates, was the grandson of a Tomato War veteran, and used not only the account of his own grandfather but also the accounts of other survivors, including the Tomatoes, Carrots and Cucumbers.

Although Bill Gates has discontinued his series, many others have used the book's plot as a template for their own works. The documentary series Attack of the Killer Potatoes is one of these, although it was less successful than Return of the Killer Tomatoes. Another series has spawned in 1983 after evil Bill Gates stopped the series, here's one we'll be happy to have it stopped, Attack of the Killer Garbage, unfortinitley, it has spawned a new movie in 1994, Return of the Killer Garbage, the next rumored movie, if true must be overpowered by Universal or I'll declare them "Gay" the next movie is called, The Revenge of the Killer Garbage, it is rumored of a new series of movies in the Attack of the Killer <enter name here> series, called Attack of the Killer Table. God only knows if this is true, we all hope not. God please make the rumors untrue!

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The success of the book led to a renowned interest in vegetable warfare, and surpassed Attack of the Killer Tomatoes by gaining a $32,000,000 profit within the first week of release, whereas the film made a $2,000,000 loss in the first day.

Following the success of the book, a number of TV documentaries and dramatisations were created using the book as a guideline for their own works. Among these included:


Since it's release, Return of the Killer Tomatoes has grossed $3,5079,9822,1973,6021,5000 across the Galaxy, making it the best selling novel of all time, surpassing the likes of Passion's Promise by Pinky and the Brain, My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles by Bubbles Lather, and How to do It with a Squirrel (an epic novel concerning an Uncyclopedia worker-drone's relationship with Slappy Squirrel).


Today, the only sequels to the book have been the TV dramatisations that spun-off from the book. With Bill Gates attempting to control the world, his interests have moved elsewhere.