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Even the popular game "Ski Free" has suffered from the Revolution Revolution.

The Revolution Revolution is an extremely important time in 1961. Notice, if you may, that 1961 upside down is 1961 and you are already suffering from this toxic marijuana and may die. In this time period, four billion people's eyes have fallen out, blood gushing out at 61 miles per second, or their eyes have been in a horny hypnotic state. People then stuck their decapitated eyes into launchers, in which they shot at Pope John Paul 2.0, who then fucked himself in his ass, then pissed in his own ass. This may seem very sad, but this is one of the many incidences where people were affected, and this was one of the better things. Sometimes people were very cautious of this, but instead they just rotted their brains out on runescape. Yes, <censored> (It is against the law to say it twice in one paragraph.). So back to the revolution revolution, all the countries in the world started to make eyeballs of mass destruction. This lead to a nutrition fight to see which country's eyeballs had the most lead in them, and of course the United States won, well, because of a recent test of IQ and how 87.362% of people eat lead in their pencils because they think that lead is a nutrient. This is how all of these people failed the test.

So, how did it start?[edit]

So how did this revolution start? Well, there was is theory. This is the Theory of the Revolution Revolution, simply put. To summarize it, of all sense, Your Mom caused it. Because of her enormous size, the centrifugal force around her caused a time rift and the world started rotating around her.

The Great Revolutions

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