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The right of way is commonly taken (wrongly) that the pedestrians have the right of way. But that is a common misconseption. The right of way is actually that the cars have the right of way to run over the pedestrians. Next time that you see a "Right of Way" sign, please hit the nearest pedestrian. The God's of People Crossing are commonly taking any sacrifice that they can take, because after the Great War there is a lacking of sacraficing yourself. Or sacraficing yourself, as the case may be.

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The first Right of Way was accomplished on Xbox Live January 10, 2003. It happened like this:

As you can tell, it was a historic moment in the history of all things vehicle wise. And after that, there have been multiple recordings of these sorts of things that happen, both in reall life and in the video game world. Some of these videos seem to have fallen through the fabric of space time, and re-taped on the past on YouTube. But nobody really knows how this happened, and the only written explanation (ironicly) also fell through the space-time continoum and is now being used as a paper weight in the Dark Ages.

Life Style[edit]

I dont even know why this is here, but the sign like to live life on the wild side.


These signs like mostly vegetables, but sometimes they will splurge and buy a large sunday from Wendy's


Signs dont drink dumbass. Geesh. But, in Soviet Russia, signs drink you. Everybody knows that.


Signs like to dance, which is why you see some signs in the middle of Antartica. I think that they mostly listen to techno, but nobosy knows, cause nobodt has really every seen the secret devil worshiping rituals of signs.


Signs are cannibals. THey are also metrosexuals. And if there is ever a photo or movie of the mating ritual of a sign, please send it to [email protected]

What To Do[edit]

What should you do if you ever see a Right of Way sign? Just to keep thing simple, hit the nearest pedestrain. And if that happened to be the other person sitting in the car, hit them. And you know what? THis person will appreciate being a half saccrafice to the Gods. So go out there, and practice your...

Right Of Way!![edit]