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Roach Huffing is defined in a similar manner that kittens and puppies are huffed. When cockroaches are huffed, one has a lot of adverse symtoms. These are having the shits, nausea, a urge to eat flies, dogs, cats. Other symtoms include shrunken testicles/ovaries, a limp dick, the feeling that roaches are telling the huffer what to do. Admins are especially suseptible to huffing roaches, it makes them crabby as hell, as they badmouth new users, delete articles, tempt Chuck Norris, tell Jimbo Wales to suck their dicks, thus where there are Admins, one should make sure there are no cockroaches in the same area, or the Admins will huff them, making themselves turn into kittens or puppies, then puke all over the place. The template below is one of the symtoms of roachbug huffing.

The only cure for huffing cockroaches is to huff kittens and puppies at the SAME time.

To postpone the effects, one has to smell a shitty ass.

To huff roaches, one has to go to a shitty neighborhood, France or Mexico to find roaches, then you pick up the son of a bitches and place them near your nose and then you can SMELL them, then you stick them up your ass, wait 60 seconds, take them out, then stick them up your nose. Congratulations, you're now huffing roaches. Of course you have to be careful, because you'll have the shits and are trying to keep fellow Admins from catching you.

Recently, alien cockroaches have been seen in the US since November 7th, 2006 in Chicago, since a UFO had landed there, and aliens pissed off at airport delays dumped out 200,000 tons of these motherfuckers all over Chicago has Admins there having a hell of a continous sex orgy with other Admins and other Uncyclopedia users and the general public at large.

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