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“That's the fifth mirror I've broken this month...”

~ Rob Anson on himself
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The almighty Prophet that is Rob Julius Custard the Cutter of Mustard, and the Second Son of Count Van Hormongerer, 'Jerome' Anson (aka Robert, to his mother). He is currently the


Born on the 1st January, 58000000BC, in the Land Before Time, he immediately set out to complete his task of world domination... by using robots. This lead to clashes with the Almighty THIS, and his prophet, A.K. Thought to be the cousin of Aragorn, the bringer of peace to middle earth, Rob is thought to be the inspiration for Mr Darcy from Jane Austen's masterpiece.

He is part of the hip-hop Taliban band True alarm.


Only Kryptonite, other wise he is INDESTRUCTABLE!!!!!!!!