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A self-portrait of Robert Crumb

Born into this world in 1904, Robert Crumb was subjected to LSD exposure at an early age. This caused him to become a transgender advocate of the radical feminist movement. In addition to those accomplishments, he has written books such as "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and is also the creator of those ‘Interview with God’ flash animations. He is also a talented cartoonist and has illustrated a few Jack Chick tracts.

Noteable Works[edit]

His most notable work was a series of comics entitled "Keep on Upchuckin' ," which was designed to bring attention to the vast amount of women who were developing the ability to read minds due to bulimia. In his autobiography 'How To Make an International Drug Conglomerate From Your Suburban Basement', Mr. Crumb states that one of these women was actually his father, who posed for Crumb's cartoons.


Robert Crumb is called many different things by the media. For reference I have listed them here.

  • R. Crumb
  • The R Man
  • Backwards Merry-go-Round operator
  • The Man with No Pants
  • That Guy
  • Reginald Black
  • Crumbs