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ROBLOX (AKA Robots Or Bullshit that Likes Online Xex) is a free online game intended to teach children how to kill each other and yell "NUUUU fuk u n00bs h4x 1 c4nn0t k1ll u". The game was said to be free, but many protesters said that they need to pay to get Robux and buy what they want. The game was widely played by children under 13 who wants to Online Date with women and have Online Sex with them, often resulting to kids being spanked on the arse multiple times.


Shedletsky thinking of ways to scam the hell out of people.

Roblox has an unusual history, as their creators are always drunk while they type the source code. The results are always buggy, until one guy sent them to rehab for 5 minutes, leading to the Roblox staff to stop alcoholism once and for all, and starting a new life. Telamon did all the delivering, Builderman sell them wearing a disguise and all the remaining staff members being blackmailed by Telamon for selling drugs in China, Mexico and Vietnam. While they were sent to the said countries for trial, Telamon creates a game suitable for young people and adults alike; ROBLOX.

Now we know that, like Mr. Krabs, Telamon is a greedy idiot. He said that the game is free, and said that we can make our own clothing. But actually, we need to pay him a few hundred bucks to create our own sexy sweat pants. No wonder most people wanted to play Blockland or Minecraft instead of this piece of crap, but both are needed to be paid to get everything in the game completely, like Roblox.

They protested against the SOAP bill instead of the SOPA bill, their most stupid mistake ever made.


For regular gamers[edit]

For regular BC members (costs a few bucks)[edit]

  • A daily amount of 10 Robux every day
  • A free helmet
  • A complex house
  • A hooker
  • A sword
  • A rank 5 level
  • A bronze condom
  • A baguette useful for a weapon
  • Ability to make your own clothes
  • Ability to change your shape

For Turbo BC members (costs a lot of cash)[edit]

  • A daily amount of 20 Robux every day
  • A sturdy helmet
  • A mansion
  • 10 hookers
  • All kinds of swords from Sword Fights on The Heights
  • A rank 10 level
  • A gold condom
  • A zombie morph
  • A bloxaide drink

For Uber Class 3 Omega/Outrageous BC members (costs a SHITLOAD of cash)[edit]

A "normal" life in roblox[edit]


Please do not buy any lamp oil, rope or bombs.
File:Rarity vewy sad.png
These are people who don't wash fuck naked wasted a lot of money for their character in roblox and then lost it after being banned, PERMANENTLY.

All reviews are negative, people saying that "Roblox is FUCKED UP and it destroyed my computer because of the shitload amount of bricks". The original vote was -9001/10, but Telamon hacked this and turned it into 1337/10. Most people complained about the lag, the stupid bugs, their rules of disallowing off topic messages into their website and the kids masturbating to slutty female robloxians AT AGE 5. The Roblox company does not give a shit, and still forced them/you to play it, or else you will die. Telamon just ignored their weak messages, then takes a shit on someone's cereal box unnoticed.

The game is listed as #2 in Worst 100 Games to Play Of All Time, just below Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories.

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