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Now that you have settled in to your role as a robotic defender of the peace, you may wish to know more about the characters who have made RoboCop, well, RoboCop. We know most of the humble employees at Omni Consumer Products would say "Who cares if I worked on it or not?" but, it just wouldn't be a plot synopsis without them.

- - -

When someone fumbles the ball, there is always a man to pick it up. That man is Bob Morton, and the ball he picked up is the security of greater Detroit. Following the tragic failure of the Enforcement Droid 209 Series demonstration, Bob was the one to give the company direction in the form of the initial Robocop prototype. Without Morton, Robocop would have remained as something you may find in the thoughts of an over stimulated child, but Bob was there to shake the hands, reject the arms and taste the baby food to see his dream completed. Bob represents the corporate worker unconcerned by the results of his enterprise, such as you may find alongside Michael Douglas on Wall Street. Just like Charlie Sheen, Morton has a taste for the willingest women money can buy.

- - -
Clarence (right) looks more like Steve Jobs than a typical crime kingpin. Of course Steve Jobs was never associated with a company that bends the law to its own ends and mistreats its own workers...

None of this would be possible without the work of Clarence Boddicker and his team of 8 or so rogues. Certain divisions of Omni Consumer Products have seen fit to invest in the start up enterprise founded by Clarence, with high hopes for the only multicultural crime gang in the United States. I suppose you could say Clarence laid the groundwork for the Robocop initiative, if by "laid the groundwork" you mean "brutally murdered a rookie police officer after an armed robbery."

As the main antagonist of the Robocop program, Boddicker looks forward to being the beta tester of your weapons systems. He has grand plans to first be arrested by you during a hectic gun battle, in a test of your suspect apprehension programming, and then to be released on bail in a test of exactly how full of filthy money a Judge's pockets must be before they explode.

- - -

Did we say main antagonist? If Clarence provides the brawn to his side of a very devious equation, then Dick Jones is very definitely the brains. A vice president of Omni Consumer Products so immoral he makes Bernard Madoff look like Florence Fucking Nightingale holding a bundle of sickly kittens, an average Wednesday afternoon for Dick involves willingly cutting the funding to the police force, so that dozens of officers die in the line of duty.

What, you want to arrest Mr Jones? Go ahead. Oh, do you feel a bit tired right now? You can thank Dick for your fourth directive, any attempt to arrest a senior employee of Omni Consumer Products results in immediate shutdown. Unsurprisingly, as someone deeply sociopathic, Dick has quite a bit of programming know-how from spending too much time on certain chans.

- - -
As part of Detroit Police force community outreach, ED 209 units currently spend most of their time campaigning for better disabled access.

Indeed, thanks must also go to said Enforcement Droid 209 series for their rigorous testing of the Robocop kevlar armour. Although a number of aforementioned difficulties prevented the 209 Series from seeing active service as law enforcement on the streets, you will encounter two units assisting around the offices of the more elderly executives and directing parking at the Omni Consumer Products headquarters. Needless to say, as you are the replacement program for the Droids, your name is not on their Christmas card list.

- - -

Last, and very definitely least, Sergeant Reed and his division of the Detroit Police deserve a mention. Without their threats of labour action in response to concerns over funding, the RoboCop program may never have seen the light of day. A motley and rapidly declining team of detectives, they symbolize the declining fortunes of the working class American.

The precinct relies solely on Omni Consumer Products for both costs and direction after the sale of the Force by the State. Yes, apparently not even Michigan gets cold enough for public servants to put their hands in their own pockets.

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