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Can I get one thing clear, you are saying I was actually dead?[edit]

You are legally dead.

You're the go to guy around here when it comes to legality, so I assume you know how that works.

The toying with the concept of death and resurrection means that you represent somewhat of a Christ figure. Indeed, your sacrifice will eventually see the eradication of sin in Detroit, as you hurl out of a window anyone who doesn't come quietly enough for your liking.

The gang headed by Boddicker, which actually killed you in the first half hour of the film, sets in motion a chain of events to create a better you, one who proceeds to kill the very same Boddicker gang. Forgive them father for they know not what they do, indeed.

Also, you stand as a modern day Frankenstein's monster. Like Shelley's creature, you are created from the dead and fight to be respected as more than a product, but as a man. You will emerge victorious from a showdown with a purely digital Enforcement Droid 209, symbolizing the necessity of a natural component in technological and scientific progress.

Finally, you weigh two fucking tons and are made of titanium. If this is the afterlife, suicide rates the world over will skyrocket into the sun.

How come the demographics of Detroit are more like a game of cops and robbers than a usual American city?[edit]

Your in-built aiming system should have alerted you to the weaknesses of all the residents, for all are flawed in some way. Some are deeply corrupt, others overcome by pride and a few just fucking hate the fake ads that break the continuity of the narrative.

That is because the district you currently patrol has been zoned as a dystopia.

This makes it prime real estate for the development of deep social fractures, dehumanization and omnipresent monopolistic corporations. As we at Omni Consumer Products basically own your memories, you can probably account for the final of those three, but this should assist with the analysis of your surroundings in the mean time.

The abandoned steel mill indicates the demise of traditional capitalism. Production no longer exists to fulfill the needs or wants of the customer. Probably the result of one too many people taking more than 12 items to the express checkout line.
Instead business has colonized the very pillar of society, the Law. The social and human is under siege by the forces of technology and profit seeking, to the extent that signing an organ donors registry is all required to turn you into the most dangerous mechanical device since the motorcycle.

Here megalomaniac vice-president Dick Jones just looks like a character from the Muppets.

Ok, I understand all four pages of information you have given me. To repeat, I am a sentient machine that can determine right from wrong and who travels around with otherwise useless humans.[edit]

So, what do I transform into?[edit]

Wait, what?