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Approved by the Kansas State Board of Education
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Robotmonkeyologists are pretty much what the name suggests. They are a group of about 27 people (in theory), 19 robots, and 5 colorful cyborg monkeys who don't have lives, edit things on Uncyclopedia, and watch the famous television show "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!" so much that they know more than the creator. They have studied the planet of Shuggazoom thouroghly, and have concluded that it was not built by Ciro Neili or people who had too many pixie sticks but instead by Michael Jackson--though the Robotmonkeyologists agree that there is not much of a difference.

All Robotmonkeyologists have an IQ of exactly 64 after watching SRMTHFG, but no one seems to notice due to their use of big, fancy, and possibly made up words and phrases often heard on the beloved TV show for children and drug addicts. These phrases include, "Holy Shuggazoom," "Chiro, get your #%[email protected]&*> ass in gear," and, "Nova, you love Mandarin more than you love me."

Robotmonkeyologists were the original protectors of Shuggazoom (it is not fictional), but then the monkeys came and threw them in Azkaban for three weeks for driving with a suspended liscense. The funny thing is, not one Robotmonkeyologist owns a car. However, all Robotmonkeyologists still love the Monkey Team, even though many have made prank calls saying that Jinmay is a robot, Antauri is dead, and that the Skeleton King has been resurected. What may seem to be innocent fun eventually caused all these things to happen and now the Monkey Team is really screwed. But in the upcoming 37,685th season, the Robotmonkeyologists will be there fighting by the Monkey Team's side--just waaaaaaaay over in the background.