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The Rockcod is the english varient of its latin origin cod petram meaning exactly what I just wrote, the pronounciation is Rock-cod dont be mistaken by the one's who call it Rocky that is a whole knew tale to the one I am telling you, they where once found near the land of the latinas who's special name for the rockcod was pisces sapientes meaning wise fish and wise is what us belivers call them, then evolution took place and they are now found in the Dead Sea. There are two types of rockcod's the Evolutionalised rockcods and the Ancient Rockcods.

Evolutionalised Rockcods[edit]

Now they are known as the 'wise fish' of the Dead Sea, who would crawl onto Sand during the daytime to exfoliate there scaly crocodile-like skin, after exfoliation they would shed their skin, now they could easily just shed their skin underwater but that would defeat the purpose of their entire nature.

They can breathe out of water for 2-3 hours which gives them enough time to shed their skin, to mark their territory, and just enough time for the rays of the sun to burn the fresh skin to create a proctective barier and a putrid fish smell to ward off there preditors as in Humans and other large Fish.

Only few humans have seen either of the cod Petrams some consider themselves lucky, some think otherwise.

A Rockcods whiteness[edit]

One fellow, he was a carpenter, now ichthyologist explained in depth of what he saw and how it changed him forever.

It had a face like a summertime fuck he said, I had to eat its shed skin he also said, he then explained how he became an ichthyologist and how he can talk to them in their special language spinalis which is Latin for cord but later told me he had learnt antiqua spinalis meaning ancient cord, which is their native language from the Ancient Cod Petrams. After three years of his career he bought a Submarine and travelled deep into the Dead Sea,(he collected some of the mud for myself so i could slap it on my face) we kept in touch via walkie talkie's, after about six months of his studying he had a change of heart and wanted to return to the surface, though when he tried he couldn't, after a few static messages sent my way all i could make of it was Summer yuck but of course i remembered what he had explained to me years ago and he was trying to say summertime fuck. about a week later i heard another static message saying It's a summertime fuck, it's just a summertime fuck he was not heard from nor seen ever again.

I never received my mud.

Characteristics of Evolutionalised Rockcod[edit]

They're lone walkers, traveling in the depths of the Dead Sea, if you see a 'wise fish' THROW IT BACK IN THE OCEAN AND DO NOT HURT IT for they can hurt you, and there skin shedding process is quite holy in such ways according to the personality of the rockcod you come across, some might bite, some might let off their stink, that of course if the sun's rays have penetrated the skin enough to cause that awful fish stink that scares predators far away, take note though some people think its a divine sign to come across a rockcod though some unfortunate souls beg to differ.

They shed their skin for many reasons, one being to mark there territory on the sands they travel to, and the other being they get a lot of moss from living in the deep waters, THEY DO NOT LIKE BEING MOIST some rockcods like the process of shedding their skins that you may find one waddle its way back into the water to breath just to come back out and start the process again, though it does depend on the personality of the rockcod and if you observe them whilst their doing so, that is if you ever come across one, you might want to stand in the distance, THEY CAN SMELL HUMANS AND THEY JUDGE YOU BY YOUR FEEL though some brave men dare to tread near when they have spotted one, and as you may read if could be a divine experience for yourself, or it could be traumitising.

Ancient Rockcods[edit]

Now the Ancient Cod Petram arn't 'pisces sapientes' meaning 'Wise fish' these are brutal and vicious (if provoked) land walkers, who seem innocent, though if you run into one, you really do need luck on your side.

A slang word for these land walkers are 'chameleons' (not to be confused by the actual specie chameleon) due to their varied forms and ever changing moods, these rockcod's will do anything that they feel is necessary, from stealing a hard bread roll to carve a small Boat, to starting a fire just to burn the bread roll Boat, these are very unpredictable creatures and there is not much known about this ancient type, due to nobody felt that they are safe when they were around them, and it was even rarer to see an ancient rockcod than an evolutionalised rockcod, take note these ancients where around in the early 1600's and i say luckily the Ancient rock cods are exstinct, though the theory is that the evolutionised rockcod's are just that, the same creatures except Evolution took place, though no one is certain.

A victim of a Ancient Rockcod[edit]

One man came across one planting seeds in the sahara desert, he recognised what 'it' was and asked Sir how did you reach here from your home? The Anceint Rockcod replied in a vicious manner 'osparah von diasec ye' which is antiqua spinalis language meaning, Im planting seeds you he proceeded to ask the ancient Rockcod questions excuse me sir but how did you travel here? the Ancient Rockcod used one of its tactics to scare off his thought to be preditor, the man was traumitised, odd moments in time till his deathbed he'd sit curled in a ball on the floor saying 'its arse looked like my face', 'He took my baby' though the man never had a baby, Quite the victim to an adolescent ancient who was only 2 years at the time, which really goes to show that when this specie exsited they should not of been fucked with.