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Rocket Power was a television show on Nickelodeon that was designed to make young children forget about their dreams of becoming astronauts, firemen, and pokemon masters and want to skateboard, snowboard, surf, and play hockey. The result was successful in that an entire generation of children grew up purchasing every Nickelodeon sports product available. Though it wasn't entirely successful, since the second half of its intended audience (preteens and low teens) felt out-manned by the skateboarding 10 year olds and fled the country. We call that generation the 'Commie generation'.

Otto in his trademark faggot pose taken right before his violent death

Main Characters[edit]

Otto Rocket - The main character of the show, he always seemed to have his big head up his ass. Being overconfident in his abilities, he breaks or ruins something vital to the plot in every episode. Somehow all of the show's reviewers call this original.In the banned episode ,he is repeatdly raped by tentacles ,like a homage/spoof to that hentai anime movie .

Reggie Rocket - Otto's sister who also plays just about every sport there is to play, it remains unsaid, but she is probably a dyke. Her purple hair is said to be one of the many flaws of test tube breeding.In the Banned episode ,he says "shit" or "fuck" at least 120 times(in one scene )

Twister Rodriguez - Resident Beaner of Rocket Power, a good friend of Otto and Reggie. He often gets his ass womped by his brother Lars by doing or saying something horrifically retarded.He is the only character in the show who has admitted his homosexuality .

Sam Dullard - The fat little nerdy kid that seems to be in every show on the face of the earth. They just added him to relate to all the children of today who are too lazy to get out and do things. Amazingly, Sam does a lot of outdoor activities and eats right, but is still fat and untalented. Much like Michael Phelps.

The Generic Storyline[edit]

The four are either skateboarding, snowboarding, playing with a stuffed smurf, womping skinny nerdy kids, surfing, being assholes, eating some of tito's foodz,read porn magazines or playing street hockey when Otto decides to do something completely idiotic. This may include signing them up for a Battle Royale, writing their names on a squad car, or implementing a twist on an already dangerous sport turning it into a deathtrap. Reggie and Sam somehow solve the problem and it ends with them doing whatever they were doing at the start of the episode.

If you notice an episode that doesn't follow the specific format, please put down the joint before people suspect anything.

Useless trivia[edit]

  • In the show they say Sam comes from Kansas, but he actually comes from New Jersey, which explains why he sucks at sports.
  • The wings on Twister's helmet actually got slightly larger with each episode, which is one of the reasons why Nickelodeon cancelled the show after their task was completed.
  • Otto Rocket's voice was originally going to be played by Eddie Murphy, but after a large bribe from what remained of the Klu Klux Klan, they made Otto white.
  • If you play entire episodes of Rocket Power backwards, you can make out Anti-Semetic messages.
  • In the pilot, Twister's room was meant to have a giant poster of Jesus, but it was removed when Nickelodeon received complaints from the Jewish Community.
  • Eddie, Prince of the Nether World, likes to visit the hospital and switch the newborn babies around. This was originally to be implemented in the show, but the good folks at Nickelodeon were just lazy as hell.
  • There is also a banned episode , that will be the violent and epic finale of the show that will show the horrifying deaths of all the characters ,with lots ofmecha,many pretentious lines about the meaning of the life and sex scenes,but unfortunately ,Nickelodeon refused to show it in public because it will violate the condition of the channel that clearly says that all the shows have to be stupid and empty (Invader Zim was included when nobody was looking )
  • The only people who seems to like this show are the retards and crack whores (Those who hasnĀ“t died yet )

Reasons for Cancelling[edit]

Otto got Eaten by a shark

Reggie got AIDS from too much drugs

Twister and his Beaner Family got deported to Mexico

Sam got raped by a man called Ovarian ET.

Rare Pilot Episode[edit]

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