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“This is how we roll on the floor laughing in New Zealand”

~ The Kiwi Konnektion on RODL

“"i keep forgetting i have brown hair... lol i woke up this morning and thought wtf?!" "RODL"”

~ Baarbie on RODL

“RDOL has changed the way we laugh”

~ Gunther Smythe, President of NZGDA on RODL

RODL is a unique invention of New Zealand, and represents one of the greatest contribution that nation has made to "geek speak", or indeed literature in general.

A Brief History of RODL[edit]

In the early part of the 21st Century geeks in New Zealand had adopted the term "ROFL" to indicate an exceptionally humourous online exchange. This was fine for a while, but soon non-geeks, Australians, and r-tards started also using the term, making it redundant to the 'in' crowd.

The NZGDA (New Zealand Dyslexic Geek Association) brought the issue to the attention of the public in 2007 at their national symposium "Greek-Fest". Ten thousand geeks had gathered in the private dining hall of former parliamentarian Jonathan Hunt to hear a plenary speech by uber-geek Claire Bennetts.

The crowd's excited chatter hushed to a sussuration as the lights in the huge room dimmed and Claire opened her powerpoint presentation, entitled "The problems with RODL".

The speaker was drowned out by the wave of cheers that surged through the hall and the following stampede as thousands of geeks ran to nearby internet cafes or wi-fi points to spread the news of the new word.

Nobody, aside from Claire, actually picked up that it was a glaring spelling mistake. Had they stayed and watched the hour-long presentation the delegates would have seen that her solution was "ROPHL". Happy mistake, or sad misunderstanding? You be the judge.

Alternate Versions[edit]

As recently as March 2008 the Australian Institute for Literary Excellence (AILE) have proposed alternate "improvements" on the term RODL. Both members of AILE have produced peer-reviewed papers explaining the impact of RODL on the Australian lexicon, especially on indigenous people from the Torres Strait Islands.

However the top three suggestions have been poo-pooed by experts in New Zealand, citing BOFL (Breakdance On Floor Laughing), GOBL (Get Orgasm By Laughing), and RORG (Roll On Road Giggling) were rip-offs from early Chevy Chase movies. Another suggestion "RAPE" was discounted because it was already in use by the New York Police Department.

Things that are not RODL[edit]

- "Little Roddys" are not RODL

- People called Rod, or Rodney, are definitely not RODL

- ROFL is not RODL

- nor is rofl

- Rolling on the floor, laughing, and then accidentally rolling into the kitten's litterbox after it has deposited a particularly noxious pile of crap is not RODL... but it causes RODL

Links[edit] A source of inspiration for geeks. The source of some RODL, but don't be fooled by the inane humour... that is ROFL.

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