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The Minefield Portion Of The Rodney Danger-field.

This girl deserves no respect”

~ OW on Tamia
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The Rodney Danger-Field is a national park in Minnesota, where they host "The Rodney Danger-field Game".

Rules And Setup[edit]

The Rodney Danger-field game starts with four players assembling in the center of The Rodney Danger-field, where they meet the host, Harry Potter, characteristically hammered drunk. The show continues by introducing the contestants to that day's four "unique and dangerous challenges" on the field, which could consist of running on a minefield, holding your breath under water, hurdling and obstacle courses, rope swinging, lion taming, chewing on alluminum foil, watching Crossroads, listening to Dan Marino brag, eating countless strips of acid, all while naked and millions of other life threatening activities. For each player that "doesn't make it", the rest move on to the next round, and begin the next activity. The winner is the one who does not die.

If all participants die before completing the game, Harry uses the reset spell and brings everyone back to life. However, the person who wins the second round must be shot and killed once he or she wins, because clearly they weren't badass enough to complete it the first time, and don't deserve to live.

Famous Episodes[edit]

The Rodney Dangerfield Champion to this day, Jacob Cohen.
  • Episode 1: This is a classic. It featured Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, and Michael Moore. Michael Moore obviously one, and wrote a really bad documentary on it. Too bad we lost all those very important historic figures to him.
  • Episode 46: Epidodes 2 through 45 lacked the standard amount of "violence" for American TV, so for this episode, they put in Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta, and Michael J. Fox. Michael did win, but solely because his teen wolf form allowed him great powers.
  • Episode 49: This episode featured Phil Collins, John Mayer, Elton John, and Kenan Thompson. It came down to John and Kenan, and John's scratchy and undesirable singing distracted Kenan while polevaulting. John took the prize.
  • Episode 2000: This episode had no contestants, because everyone was afraid that all computers were going to permananently shut down. The public never did recover from the mass stupidity.
  • Episode 69: Everyone wins in this episode.
  • Episode 23: This episode was a showoff between Michael Jordan and Jeff Gordon. The one with the vehicle reigned victorious for obvious reasons.
  • Episode 420: This episode only contained Cheech And Chong, and fortunately, they both survived.
  • Episode 2004: Jacob Cohen takes the championship, and keeps it to this day.