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β€œIs he related to Taylor Swift?”

~ Tamia

Roger Taylor is the hottest guy ever. He is hotter than you. He is hotter than your son. He is hotter than the sun. When he was born the whole hospital went up in flames as his hotness was just starting to begin. In his teens, the good-old fashioned lover boy developed a routine that flabbergasted even priapic heroes such as Bob Pant and Lemmie of Motorhead: he introduced himself as Roger Taylor to one groupie and as Roger Meddows to the next before his re-entrance as Roger Meddows-Taylor, the double-barrelled playboy to the hapless third. His mother was a contortionist in the Barnum & Bailey Circus and his father was out of work due to his incontrollable addiction to potatoes. Roger became a man very quickly. He was hot and enjoyed inflicting temporary amnesia on his schoolmates by pummeling them in their heads with rugby balls. He would then jog back into the locker room, put on a mesh muscle shirt and cut school to pump iron.

Roger Taylor looking hot as ever.


Later in his teen years, Roger became fascinated with the causes of gingivitis, halitosis and the fact that his new friend Freddie Bulsara had four more teeth than he should have, and decided to pursue a career in dentistry. But he had a problem- what would happen to his delicious muscles? He then decided to become a drummer for his friend Brian's band, Vile, a name that he had come up with to compromise with the fact that he had given up being a dentist. As his fame in the newly named band Queen grew, Roger satisfied his secret cravings for the smell of gasoline and the sweet taste of antifreeze and became a mechanic, under the pseudonym of Mr. Hotness. This career was short lived as he returned back to being a model.

Prediction of Lady GaGa's World Domination[edit]

In 1984, Roger was having a simple day drumming along when he noticed the drums made a "Ga" sound when he hit them. He then had a magical vision in which a blonde lady began attacking the universe while repeating her name over and over again. Roger realised he was the chosen one to have this vision and assumed he must warn the world about this horrible woman's plans. He wrote the song "Lady O Ga Ga" about her, but when he played it for Brian May, he thought Roger was joking. Roger released the song as a single which became the best-selling single of all time. Roger kept having more visions, so he wrote the song "One Vision". The vision that inspired that song was Lady GaGa stealing fried chicken, causing the last line to be "Just gimme gimme gimme that fried chicken!"

In 2008, Lady GaGa crashed onto Earth and commanded everyone to dance. Everybody in the universe realised that Roger's visions were correct and deemed him Saviour of the Universe. Roger's first act as Saviour was to kill Lady GaGa. He succeeded. However she was resurrected by Justin Bieber. Roger wrote the song "Say It's Not True" after he heard the news Lady GaGa was alive again. He teamed up with Brian May and Paul Rodgers to defeat Lady GaGa. Brian May's hair began shooting out hairspray into Lady GaGa's eyes. She immediately died. Roger took all the credit for killing her, winning him more awards. This made Brian May very angry, but hey - Roger deserved them.

Personal Life[edit]

Most of Roger Taylor's life has been harrassed by women being magnetically drawn to him. In 1975, the Queen chose him to be the replacement for the sun, so now everything revolves around him. However being the sun proved to be more difficult than it sounded as he could never get sleep at night. In 1976 he married the love of his life (his car) and the two were very happy, much to dismay of all women everywhere. However they separated after the Mrs. was having an affair with a firetruck.


  • Roger Taylor is cooler than you.
  • Over 11,000 people have reported deafness caused by hearing Roger Taylor's falsetto.
  • He played most of his shows asleep.
  • Much to Freddie's amusement, he tried to dye his hair before a show, only to turn it a striking shade of green...or was it purple?
  • Roger Taylor is friends with Eric Cartman
  • Roger would probably go shag somebody, mainly himself!
  • Even though he's a drummer, he likes music, and can even sing !
  • Roger Taylor can defeat Chuck Norris.
  • His cell phone carrier is Sprint, which is why Sprint occasionally has poor service; his voice destroys reception.
  • Roger Taylor stole the cookies from the cookie jar.
  • Roger Taylor has his own line of alarm clocks and burglar alarms in Italy. Consequently, more people report to work on time and the crime rate has gone down. There is also an increase in deaf businessmen and robbers with ringing in the ears.
  • Roger Taylor lost the Game.
  • Roger has five children (that he knows of) that are all in fact clones of various aspects of him e.g his eldest son sounds exactly like him, his second son looks exactly like him and is a drummer.