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Roll's standard outfit.
Roll's alternate outfit. *drool*


~ Megaman on Roll.EXE

“He's a jackass.”

~ Roll.EXE on Megaman

“I totally love her. I really wish she'd talk to me.”

~ Zero on Roll.EXE

“Their relationship is yet another love triangle.”

~ Captain Obvious on Roll.EXE, Megaman, and Zero

“Roll.EXE!!! It's my destiny I said!”

~ Dawn on Roll.EXE

Roll.EXE is a human ballet instructor who lives in ACDC Hamlet, Electron. She is well-known for the fact that she spends a great deal of time on the Internet with her electronic personal assistant, Mayl Sakurai. She is also a Pink Belt in Karate, and is widely considered to be a master of the Gentle Fist technique.

Roll was recently found in the bowels of a local teenager's computer. Evidently she had been kidnapped and was being forced to pose for porno films and have sex with people for money. In other words, she was in her usual swing.

Back Story[edit]

Back in 540 B.C. the world was constantly threatened by robotic entities known as the Borg. However, they were defeated by Captain Kirk in 545 B.C. so nobody needed to worry about them. However, around the same time, some idiot decided to create evil that were (dare I say it) even more fearsome than the Grue. It was around this time that Roll was created. Unfortunately, she was strictly noncombatant and served only as a laboratory assistant to Dr. Wily's greatest enemy: Spongebob Squarepants. However, she soon got sick of the Krabby Patty-flipping ways of her "master" and ensured that he was caught by an ant-lion.

Megaman Original Series Invovlement[edit]

In the original Megaman Roll served as the personal assistant to the main hero, Rockman, who has nothing to do with Megaman at all, with the exception that they are twins separated at birth who grew up in Japan and the US, respectively. However, after watching Megaman die time after time after time again, she ran away to the Battle Network Series.

Speaking of which...[edit]

In Megaman Battle Network Roll had an active role for the first time in her career: travel agent for the Rolling Stones. But she got tired of the really lame jokes about her "rolling on" and junk so she killed them, along with Kenny, MLK, Your Mom (who was promptly resurrected by Satan), Dr. Wily (again) and Evil Illuminati Adolf Hitler Clone #42. She also tried to kill Chuck Norris but was instantly roundhouse-kicked all the way through the center of the earth and out into Japan. However, this didn't kill her, for some unknown reason, and today she remains the only person to take a hit from the Chuckster and live.

Later on, Roll was introduced to the process of "Jacking In" (which was code for "smoking crack and weed at the same time") and eventually got so insanely buzzed that she was convinced that Megaman was her savior and her best friend in the universe and saved her constantly and blah, blah, blah. During this time it was later found that she was nearly as horny as your mom was last week. This makes her the third most horny female in the universe, after That Girl.

Back to Sanity[edit]

Eventually, Roll decided to get rid of all her drugs and become a motivational speaker. These days she works for the JLU as a backup backup superhero. She also brainwashed Mega Man into being her personal slave.

But he escaped.

One day, Roll's life will be somewhat normal. Until then, let's just hope she doesn't get drunk again.

Because last time, she got the entire planet caught by an ant-lion.

Planet Mars, to be specific.


  • In the Megaman Battle Network series, Roll is generally a sexy navi that needs constant rescuing by the protagonist.
  • Roll's general theme is the heart, which can usually be found on the helmet or chestplate
  • Roll is more popular than Dawn.
  • When rehearsing for a TV special, Roll accidentally caused massive pandemonium just under the level of someone saying "Zeeky Boogy-OOP! I mean, THE ZEEKY WORDS. This was the inspiration for the movie "Good Luck Chuck."
  • Roll is the only video game character that AAA can not use to 0wn at any video game.
  • Roll is fluent in several languages, including 1337, AAAAAAAAA!, Galactic Base Standard, Caption, Goth, N00b, Sexy, and Crap.
  • Roll is actually not a robot, but a human being in a powersuit. Like Samus but with better boobs.
  • When Roll.exe uses aqua tower, you can see her boobs more

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