Ron Burgundy

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Ron Burgundy
July 22, 1943
San Diego, California
Lead Anchor for Channel Four News Team

“I just want more; I can't get enough of you”

~ Tamia on Burgundy

Ron Burgundy is a five-time Emmy award-winning journalist, is the main anchor for the Channel Four News Team. Always confident, he is nevertheless ignorant, egotistical, and not very intelligent (he believes "diversity" is "an old, old wooden ship used during the Civil War era" and that "San Diego" is a German phrase for "whale's vagina") but also remains the rock for the entire group. He develops an infatuation with newcomer Veronica Corningstone, initially having trouble wooing her with tried and true measures that allegedly won him many bimbo-type women in the past. He has a great fondness for scotch whisky and can play the jazz flute. Ron Burgundy is know for his catchphrase, "You stay classy San Diego".