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Ronald Jones (musician, producer) helped caterpult The Flaming Lips to stardom with his experimental noise-guitar sounds using a fender jaguar, finger slide, and various effects pedals on their one huge hit "She Don't Use Jelly". Yes, this is the tune they lip-synced on the snotty rich kids show 90210 when the famous words "I'm not a real big fan of alternative music but these guys really rocked the house!" were uttered by actor Ian right afterwards.

Eventually Jones got sick and tired of Drozd's drug abuse and gave an ultimatum... the drugs won thus ending his Flips trip which lasted from 1991 to 1996. Heard the story about Drozd almost having his hand amputated from a spider bite? Wrong! Dirty needle, infection, hand ballooned up the size of a football from an abcess.

Jones was said to be shy and have stage frieght and performance anxiety when doing live gigs. He's beleived to be of African American and Philipino decsent.

While on tour sharing the stage with the Beastie Boys in 1994 he was introduced to their pals the Tibetan Monks. Hence the quote you see all over the net "... Jones left on a spirtual quest from which he never returned..." By now I bet he can levitate 70 ton stones with sounds he can make.

He went on to co-produce the highly acclaimed 1998 release of Richard Davies album "Telegraph" with Jones contributing on guitar, percusion, and vocals. Then he produced and played with The Teaset Colony who later changed their name to The Colonist and for all intents and purposes evaporated into thin air. Try a search yourself.

Although a Steven Drozd fan had started the Association of Steven Drozd Appreciators some time before the "Frearless Freaks" DVD was realeased maybe because it revealed Drozd as the junkie he was and peeps hoped showing a little love might prevent him from offing himself.

It wasn't until recently, some 10+ years since Lips days, that The Ronald Jones Club sprouted up and new inforamtion about this elusive musical genius is being accumulated by fans and people fortunate to know him personally on a daily basis.

Jones last known whereabouts are thought to be in his parents house in Oklahoma. Famous quote from the Flips front man Wayne Coyne goes something like this "he's probably in his bedroom making the best music the world will never hear".

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