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“I've never been in one I didn't visit.”

“Rooms are great for cornering cats.”

~ Mr. T on rooms


~ R2-D2 on rooms

A room is a conceptual breakthrough in architecture that has been attributed to such amazing developments as philosophy, science, civilization and Feng Shui. Originally conceived by the pre-socratic philosopher 'Ponce de Leon', in 542 B.C., in ancient Sumer, near a small natural spring, while sitting on a rock, and eating dates, the idea of rooms was originally dismissed as a dangerous source of dirt until the ancient Greeks adopted the concept thereby cornering the worlds first interior decorating industry in antiquity. Not to be confused with Greek sodomy, or Feta cheese, rooms have walls, that usually touch.

A Modern Breakthrough[edit]

In 1999 Al Gore discovered that rooms could be used to hold things and occasionally spend time in. Much like his invention of the internet, people continued to laugh at him.

Al Gore

Social Aspects[edit]

Room ownership is directly proportional to societal status. The more rooms you can claim you own the more status you can garner. Although taking large rooms and dividing them into lots of smaller rooms, known as creating 'cube farms', is often seen as a sign of desperation that only managers and other deviants engage in.

Claims of room ownership are occasionally subject to challenge, at which time challengers must duel with furniture while riding on the backs of freshly detailed mamoth SUV's. Such challenges have recently been outlawed as part of the Patriot Act, yet the underground furniture dueling scene is as vibrant and flourishing as ever.

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