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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Rorschach.
Rorschach on a case where he is connecting the ties between the smiley face and George Dubya Bush.

Rorschach (pronounced RAW-BALLSACK-SEX) is a bat fuck insane superhero. He wears a mask that has inkblots on them. He is also retarded.

Early Life[edit]

File:Mark e smith.jpg Rorschach had a really funny childhood. His real name is Walter Kovacs. HA HA HA!!! HIS NAME IS WALTER!!! Anyways, his mom was a hooker, which was really, really funny. His mom would fuck him and beat him until he bled out of every part of his body. Now this, was the funniest part of his childhood. His dad died after he was assaulted by a man whore and his mom died after drinking Drano. Which was also very funny.

Becoming Rorschach[edit]

After witnessing the murder of his grandma by Adolf Hitler, Greg Louganis, and M. Bison, Walter decided to become a superhero. He became Rorschach after taking his name from the Rorschach Inkblot Acid Test, which he used while doing coke. He made a mask made out of a substance that would keep he completely high for six hours. As long as he was high, he was unstoppable. Walter found one of the killers, Greg Louganis, and cut his balls off and shoved them up his ass.

Rorschach joined the cast of Sesame Street in 1971. There he met his longtime friends Cookie Monster and Same Sound Brown. Rorscach left the show in 1978.

Rorschach is not happy. Can't you tell?

Suprisingly, Walter isn't very well liked in the superhero community. Here's what they have to say:

Club of Heroes[edit]

Rorschach writing in his journal while taking a shit on a roof.

Anyway, as no one was liking Rorschach, the Knight decided to invite him into one of the most hated superhero groups of all time the Club of Heroes. He had fun for a while. But when the group broke up, everything changed.

Becoming Bat Fuck Insane[edit]

Rorschach soon thought eveything was connected. He made various allegations that didn't make sense. Here are some of them.

The Final Days[edit]

Rorschach soon discovered from Fred Phelps that he would die. He set out to rid the world of evil and killed rapist Gary Glitter. The Police leader Sting had come back from space and attempted to kill Kovacs. They found each other and fought. Walter won by kicking Sting in the balls and found Hitler and M. Bison. The two were having sex together and they teamed up and fought each other. As Rorschach killed Hitler, Bison shot him in the head and Rorschach died.

Post Death[edit]

Rorschach's diary was found and published as a comedy novel and made into a movie called Diary of a Bat Fuck Insane Superhero. M. Bison was viciously attacked by Walter's spirit and had to have his penis removed since Walter masturbated it too much. The rest is history. And nobody will miss him.