Rouge the Bat

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Rouge the Bat
Rouge the Bat, 18....she's of age... I promise....
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Chiroptera
Family Sonic the Hedgehog
Genus Khmer Rouge
Species Rouge
Binomial name
Knuckles' Crush
Primary armament Fists and wits
Secondary armament Master Emerald
Power supply Her kicking power is the equivalent of Chuck Norris. Can roundhouse kick in the air.
Health 1985 Hit Points (HP)
Mana 200
Strength Obviously strong
Intelligence Too high
Weight 35kg (77lbs)
Length 1.05m (3'5")
Special attack
Conservation status
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Rouge the Bat (Chinese: 如揪一蝙蝠 Rújiū yī Biānfú, Japanese: ルージュ・ザ・バット Rūju za Batto Ethiopian: Click click click) (b. November 21, 1979) is a professional treasure hunter, secret government agent, make-up artist, nightclub owner/dancer, and attention whore. Her feminine charm makes her appear careless, but she is actually scheming and manipulative.


Rouge the Bat is born in Angel Island, New York in 1979 to an Orthodox Jewish family. She worked as a official at the age of 16. As a bat, she can obviously fly using her wings like other bats. At the same time, she spent her time as a jewel hunter. Like her colleagues, she seeks the Master Emerald and the other seven Chaos Emeralds.

She befriended Shadow the Hedgehog and developed close relations. During her time as a government official at GUN, she was very good at martial arts that she was known as the "Female Chuck Norris" because of her ability to roundhouse kick everyone in the room. Currently, she is working as a treasure hunter. She spent most of her time finding jewels such as emeralds, rubies and opals. She can also roundhouse kick in the air. She was involved in a controversy after a porn movie showing Rouge raping Tails was posted on the Internet by none other than Sonic. It is revealed that she was given ecstacy by Knuckles before she went into a hallucination and then thought that Tails was Shadow the Hedgehog. She proved to Knuckles that she is legit when she went to a casino in Riverdale and showed it off to Knuckles. Then they went out.

It is said that Rouge's real Boyfriend is still to be found. According to Archie of Riverdale, Rouge's boyfriend is said to be Knuckles, much to the celebration of KnuxRouge fans. Rouge recentley suffered a major car accident which has been speculated to be an assassination attempt by Zombie Hitler but Rouge survived, but not without losing her right arm,left eye and her silicone implants. She now wears a robotic arm and a glass eye.


In seven of the ten games she has appeared in to date, Rouge wears a FABULOUS skintight black body suit with an AWESOME large pink heart-shaped boobs plate and those kinky white thigh-high boots. How she expects not to attract the wrong kind of attention with those kind of clothes I have no idea, but it follows that in twelve of the ten games she has appeared in to date (???) she has been raped by between two and five species of tentacle monsters. In an act of convenience, Sega has made her 18 years of age (6, in rat years...). She is roughly the size of the largest bat in the world, the flying fox. She is also very good at kicking.


Although many parents complained to Sega about Rouge's appearance, they shrugged it off by removing her cleavage for a few seconds in one episode of the television series Sonic X. This move saved Sega $2.47 in drawing costs, but resulted in a 77-day strike at Sega headquarters started by the creator of Rouge the Bat.

To date, the Rouge the Bat character has cost Sega $4.4 million in retroactive pay and damages. Her "daring attitude" and her "self-centered" nature received further comment. Rouge appeared on the list of "The Sexy Lady Beasts of Gaming- Dickhead Revised Edition". She stars in the animated series Sonic X and appears in several of comics.

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Movie Roles[edit]

Secret Rouge was actually part of the mortal kombat team, and you are now witnessing the kiss of death. She starred in one movie so far called Shadow's Angels alongside the musician Usher as a secret agent just like in the games.

Rouge's sex with Tails and the DEEP love.

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