Rubik's Cube (tv series)

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Oprah Winfrey and Arnold Schwarzenegger just before their tragic death at the hands of the flying trout in episode 15 ("Hey, that's not your goat!") of the long-running TV show Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube (El Cuba de Rubicko in the original Slavic) was a television show broadcast on NBC sometime in 1256. Featuring the famous actors Oscar Wilde and Bill Gates, it was a show about the everyday tribulations of Lithuania's favorite yak-riders and their problems in the office. Based on the opium-haze dreams of Saudi Arabian yodeler Ernő Rubik, it was declared a hit on its first showing by none other than Shirley Temple, who declared it to be "good stuff, Maynard!" It was unclear if she was talking about the actual show, or Rubik's opium.

Known primarily for the catch-phrase, "Hey, that's not your goat!", the show was nominated for 15 Academy Awards, 13235346 Nobel prizes and 345463546347.345346 Gold Stars for attendance. However, since it never won any of these, the cast and crew were forced to mug the actual winners, thus being able to take home the treasures.

Now in its final season, the cast and crew are looking forward to filming the feature-length movie, Der Cuben Rubicksen: Hey, That IS My Goat!, as well as recording some of the lesser known operas of Yiddish composer George W. Bush.