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Ruboku - Rubik's Sudoku.
Roboko, a combination of Robbie and Yoko.

Ruboku is a Japano-Hungarian development, a combination of three different puzzles to create one puzzle that will be much more easy to solve. Ruboku uses elements from Rubix cubes, Sudokus, but mostly from cryptic sword-shaped crosses.

Ruboku Paralimpic Games[edit]

The Ruboku Paralimpic Games are the official Ruboku Olympics for Parapsychologists. The main event is Ruboku Solving Through Telephathy. The current RSTT Paralympic champion and Olympic record holder is Israeli Uri Geller. He managed to solve 3,056 different Rubokus in 3.025 seconds, using a modern approach he developed named The Reeboke approach. He discovered that while wearing a left Reebok shoe and a right Nike shoe at the same time, the probability to solve a mediocre Ruboku is in no way smaller than the chance to solve it in the regular way.

Autumn games[edit]

The Ruboku Paralimpic autumn Games include mostly Automnatic Ruboku Throwing and Ruboku Recorded Breaking. The current ART and RRB champion is George W. Bush, who could not solve an one-cubed ruboku in the white color with no numbers on it, because he thought it was horse shit.

List of Ruboku endings[edit]

The last 696,969 moves of a ruboku solving are called the "ending moves". Various classification schemes for ruboku endings are in use:

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