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Don't make Sagat angry, you wouldn't like him when hes angry
Date of birth: Template:Alot
Birth location: Thailand, 1
Height: 7 ft 4 in / 250 pounds
Notable role(s): Ridiculously Overpowered Boss Character in Street Fighter one
Academy Awards: Academy Award for Most Ass-Kicking Bald Guy (1997) for Street Fighter
Spouse: Sagat
This is a picture of Sagat back in 1950 where he was sitting in his throne with his favorite tiger BooBoo.

The Eye of the Tiger[edit]

In 1955 Thailand, Sagat was born. But Thailand was a shithole that needed a new emperor to straighten it out. During the 1970 elections a young Sagat(15) joined in the running. He won over no one's votes until he plowed through the city using "TIGER Muai Thai". It's the same thing as normal Muai Thai except for a couple of super moves where Sagat exclaims the word "TIGER" followed by another word. After threatening to kill the whole country, Sagat was elected Emperor of Thailand. But he later lost his place as emperor in 1975 because his Tiger kitten BooBoo had a cold.

The last picture of Sagat's cuddly cat BooBoo before it died of the common cold. "BooBoo used to be so cuddly and gentle" stated Sagat at the $2 Billion kitty funeral.


Four years later in 1979 Sagat was re-elected. Unfortunately, Germany was planning to attack Russia again and then conquer Thailand, according to Sagat's TV. Sagat's armory couldn't fend off the new Nazis because Sagat fed them all to his tigers. So alas, Emperor Sagat ventured to Russia to stop the evil Zombie Adolf Hitler from turning the world into a giant Snitzel.

Sagat held a State of the Empire Address and engaged in the German Snitzel Crisis. He ventured to Germany, where he became insanely wasted and befriended Adolf, who wasn't such a bad guy after all. Lust was in the air though, and Eva Braun fell for Sagat's luscious physique, selling him short for not being a blonde, and they had an affair. Adolf was outraged and invaded Poland out of spite. Sagat and Eva plotted to dispose of Adolf and rename the country Tigermany. Sagat carried it out by Tiger Uppercutting Adolf's head off. The force of the blow not only sent Adolf's head off, but it skyrocketed to Eva and decapitated her. Sagat hired a janitor and called it a day. Sagat returned to Thailand three days later. Sadly, Hitler and Eva were never found...

Muai Thai Master[edit]

In 1980 the world held a World Fighting Tournament called "Street Fighter". Sagat eagerly joined and plowed through the preliminaries by feeding all his opponents to his new Tiger kitten Cuddles. He eventually made it to the finals, where he was to face a young Japanese kid named Ryu. Sagat immediately charged at the boy before the fight started and pounded the crap out of him. Before he could finish the fight, Chuck Norris delivered a kick between Sagat's thighs, right in the balls. Sagat collapsed and Ryu was declared the winner.

Sagats tiger kitten cuddles. This was the last picture taken before they had to put it down for sleeping on Sagats leg causing his foot to fall asleep. "The cat was far too agressive" stated Sagat.

Revenge on Ol'e Chuck[edit]

After losing the Street Fighter tournaments, Sagat wanted Chuck Norris dead, so in 1995 he entered a Super Smash Brothers tournament between Mario and Chuck Norris. Mario was losing the fight, until Sagat Tiger Uppercuted Chuck out cold. Sagat still wasn't happy though, so before Chuck's match against DK Sagat Tiger Uppercutted Chuck's head clean off. DK still doesn't know what happened to this very day, even though it was televised.

Second World Tournament of Tigers[edit]

Sagat entered the Second Street Fighter World Tournament with his good friend Mario (aliased M.Bison). Sagat beat everyone in the tournament and emerged victorious, although he was severely injured with a torn quadriceps muscle during the Sagat vs. Blanka (DK) match and had to retire from the tournaments for a while. He plans to return at Wrestlemania to challenge Chris Jericho and Wesley Snipes for the Undisputed Championship.

At the pinnicle of man's evolution, perfection was achieved in the form of Sagat.

Sagat Today[edit]

Sagat, now in his fourteenth Imperial term, can be found still ruling Thailand...naked.

Sagat currently rules over Thailand with an iron Tiger Uppercut-able fist. He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.
Big Vito dressed as Sagat in the WWE. This was his gimmick for quite sometime until he was released

Sagat Merchandise, Movies, ETC.[edit]

  • Tiger Toothpaste
  • Thailand Emperors on a Boat(movie starring Mario, DK, Sagat, and Mussolini)
  • Frosted Flakes (when he was a teenager)
  • Tiger Balm
  • WWE Tigerweight Championship Belt replica, complete with spinner
  • Dude, Where's My Talent?(Movie starring Steve Hofstetter and Co. with Sagat as the guy that kills Steve)
  • Tiger Tampons.
  • Tony Jaa


  • Sagat is the second most picked character in Street Fighter history, second only to Original Jesus.
  • Jesus approves of Sagat's single eye.
  • Sagat has a scar that he gained from a combination of Ryu and his Tiger kitten Cuddles.
  • Likes Cornflakes
  • No one has ever beaten Sagat and no one ever will