Sailor Jupiter

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“She is HAWT!!!!11!1!1”

~ n00b on Sailor Jupiter

“She has big boobs. Wanna squeeze them. ”

~ Captain Obvious on Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Jupiter, the big breasted one of all Sailor Scouts.
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article about Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Jupiter a.k.a. Makoto 'Mako' Lita Kino (b. December 5, 1977 or 1979, d. Not Yet) is, put simply, the HOTTEST SAILOR SCOUT EVER! Every one man lesbian person in the friggin universe normal person just wants to have sex with her, and have tried to fuck her many times in the past. Those people; however, got bitch slapped so hard in the face, their penis fell off.

“In Soviet Russia, Sailor Jupiter sex time YOU!!”

~ Russian Reversal on Sailor Jupiter

“Like hell, she'd break your dick off, Lenin...”

~ This is me on Russian Reversal


Sailor Jupiter was originally just another regular lady wrestler (aged 15) (under the name of Makoto Kino), until she got banned for life from complaints of too many men masturbating too damn hard. So she went back to her home town of Tokyo to continue her education. There she met A friggin' annoying girl whose cat gave her a magical dildo magical stick to stick up her pussy transform into who she is today. Note: Scientists believe her boobs gained 2 sizes in her first transformation.

Affiliation with Sailor Moon[edit]

Sailor Moon found her at Juban Cock Sucking / Dildo Using School Mid. There, her history as Sailor Jupiter began. Her original mission was to kill all men kill all women hotter than her, i.e. Megan Fox. She later began to fight an evil Queen who would make the world asplode. But she stopped after fucking her hard hours of fighting (all though records say 30 seconds). And the world was saved for about 10 hours...

Secret Life with Sailor Moon[edit]

Shh... its a secret...

Real Secret Life with Sailor Moon[edit]

I don't wanna say... And I don't know...

The Truth About Her And Sailor Moon[edit]

I don't fucking know! Quit asking me!

Hobbies and other related shit[edit]

Sailor Jupiter likes to suck dicks fight evil, cook, read erotic romance novels, and practice some sort of fighting. When she isn't doing any of the above, she usually is with her boyfriend, AWCB doing... you know... yeah, that's right... what! You don't know! HERE!

Short List of Known People Who Have Tried to Get It ON With Her[edit]

Jupiter, the planet that is most like a couple parts of Sailor Jupiter's anatomy.
He's just pissed cause he lost his penis after he attempted.

And others... many... many...others... Those that have tried, well... lost their penis after a hard bitch slap.

People Who Actually Had Sex With Her[edit]

Most have achived boners by now.

Note: AWCB = 'Da Playa'. Snoop Dogg = 'Da Pimp'.