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Sande is a great little place in Norway. It got three gas stations, which is two more than Svelvik.


Created by alcoholics who got drunk in 1863 with booze bought and consumed at the gas station in Svelvik. It's low quality "niseks", home brewed by Håvard Hallgrimsen.


Just people who would not even show themselves in Drammen. And that says a lot. Also populated by a tribe of Norwegian midget trolls, which is an extremely agressive type of trolls. They usually eat teenage boys because of all the hormons in their blood. The people of Sande are offering two boys each month to keep the trolls satisfied and under control. Tord lives in Sande and likes it, we have sent for Discovery Channel to make a documentary about this strange phenomenon.


Sande is controlled by rebels who fought down the local police in 1998 and killed the politicans. The rebels is well known for smoking pot every friday, and is easily recognised by the look of their hair wich has been miscoloured green by the local hairdresser (who is currently dead).


“Happening in Sande, nothing has.”

~ Yoda on happenings in Sande

The bus to and from Drammen leaves every fifteen minutes. Nothing else has happened in Sande for the last 137 years. However, a new tradidion has sprung up, called Sandedagene. Since Sande were jealous of Svelvik and their grand weekend in August called "Svelvikdagene", they decided to rip the concept off, but making it fun for the elderly, instead of the young, drunk and stupid folks that Svelvikdagene is known to attract.


Nobody in Sande have any money. You grow what you eat and trade for whatever else you need. One advice if you want to buy something in Sande; don't!