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Sanitation is, probably, the pinnacle of human existence.

For centuries people tried to cope with their problems by facing them, arguing with them or even caressing them. Not anymore!

It has been widely and unquestionably demonstrated that Sanitation is THE Solution to anything, anywhere, by anyone facing ANY problem or questionative mood.

Sanitation advantages[edit]

Sanitation devices[edit]

Throughout history, sanitation devices have been deployed to make people happy: hoses, spindles, hammers, juicers, refrigerators, everything.

One very common assumption people make, when critically considering sanitation devices, is that they serve only cleanliness purposes. But, in fact, sanitation is much more than that! A hammer sanitizes a nail, as well as a juicer sanitizes an orange.

Let's Sanitize![edit]

Start today: Sanitation.

Remember: clealiness is important, but only sanitation saves!