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The Save the Mammoth Foundation (SMF) is an international charity organization aimed at saving the mammoth. Its main goals are imposing a world wide ban on mammoth hunting, and supporting mammoth breeding in zoos.


The Foundation was founded in 2004 by some people. It was founded in reaction against the beginning of the mammoth hunting season in Canada. Its founders were shocked by the brutal ways mammoths were bludgeoned to death and the lack of international criticism (one of its members claimed that most presidents "do not care about mammoths.") The SMF claimed that if no action is taken, the mammoth will be extinct before the end of the 21st century, causing great disruption to the world's eco systems and clogging up a few rivers with mammoth corpses. The Weasel population will rise to epidemic levels, as the Weasel is the favourite food of a Mammoth.

A second cause of mammoth population reduction has recently been identified: the act of herding mammoths onto roads, and subsequently crushing them with steamrollers to attract magpies to areas of excessive natural beauty. The main culprit is the Roadkill Distribution Office (RDO) in the town of Battle, East Sussex, England.


The Westboro Baptist Church rejoices at the oncoming extinction of 'those fag mammoths'

After SMF lobbied, several dozens of countries have made mammoth hunting illegal, including Germany, Brazil, Kenya, Indonesia and Mexico. Some SMF members have called this hypocrisy, because in most of these countries the mammoth has already been hunted into extinction (in Mexico several mammoths are still alive in zoos though). In addition, 32 countries, including all Central American nations, have outlawed mammoth fur and meat, although some still consume eggs.

Fox News and creationists have called the Foundation an anti-American extreme liberal communist attempt to undermine the Christian values of the United States. They argued that if God wanted mammoths to go extinct, He wouldn't have created them in the first place. Upon being asked, God refused to either confirm or deny this story.

In Myanmar the Foundation was outlawed and the remaining mammoths shot. The directors of Ice Age have sued the Foundation for copyright infringement.

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