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"Saving the world" is a certain sentiment ascribed as deriving from a certain disease. This disease has been used to explain a connection between altruism and "extreme egocentrism", and a variety of possible accompanying eccentricities. However, it is predicted that in the near future this disease will start evolving and physically changing people and eventually warping the whole of reality, and by doing so, effectively "save the world" from its current degenerate state.

The present disease and associated sentiments[edit]

Presently, the disease is associated with extremely self-centered behavior, and in certain cases this may express itself through excessive altruism. People who don't have this disease are said to suffer from the "Nobody cares" syndrome, since they generally don't care, they carry on living because they've been conditioned by society to do so, rather than to live a meaningful life.

The disease is caused by a provirus, a virus that has integrated itself into its host's genome. It has been shown that this provirus is unique to humans, and all humans carry it, though its genetic function is not active in all specimens. Extra numbers of copies of this provirus can amplify the effect of the disease and cause emotional instability and even insanity.

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The urge to save the world originates from an inner need to form the center of existence, to serve the purpose of reality in order to justify one's own existence. Intellectual people who question their own purpose in life and thus alienate from their own personality, may find meaning by answering to the needs of others, ultimately leading them into the almost unattainable quest to save the world.

Is this the essence of life, or is God just playing a joke on us?

Cause of the evolution[edit]

Generally speaking, people who want to save the world tend be rather intelligent, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that humans are the main cause of their own misery. So if it were possible to change human beings into something better, why neglect the opportunity?

Be it God, or anyone of these smart individuals, one or the other will eventually take action into own hands and manipulate humankind to correspond to one's personal ideal, either because it is the right thing to do or because the person is a power-hungry control-freak. Humanity's fate is thus inevitably going to be planned ahead, and the fact that this will probably be done by some horny freak only ascertains that one of the main activities of future humans will consist of lesbian sex.

Viral evolution and spread of the disease[edit]

It is as of yet unknown how the evolution of the virus causing this disease will be instantiated, some say through genetic engineering, while others claim Intelligent Design is the actual driving force. Whatever may be the case, strong indications exist that while first affecting humans, the virus will start infecting other organisms, which will experience a rapid evolution towards humans. As the virus spreads and increases its range of effect, it will eventually start influencing reality and merge with the essence of existence. Through this metaphysical existence, the virus will reshape the world and create the ultimate paradise.

Effects on humans[edit]

Is this where civilization is destined to end? I like it!

As soon as the virus evolves and starts infecting people, the following symptoms will occur:

  1. You will develop a sex obsession even bigger than the one you have now.
  2. You will develop boobs, bigger and more beautiful than those things you have now.
  3. You will change into a young lesbian girl.
  4. You will develop brains, which are mainly lacking at the present.
  5. You will develop divine superpowers.

All social problems will be solved as there will only be perfect women. Everybody will be happy as they will all be having sex with each other. As the development of the virus progresses, there will also be a lot of furry and nymph sex.

When this virus will evolve[edit]

When there is a lot of chaos and destruction in the world, that's when this virus will evolve. So when you feel the end of the world is at hand, rejoice, for the world will soon be saved. So basically we don't know when it will happen, but in apocalyptic situations, the need to save the world would be maximized, thus making a world-saving scenario very probable.

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