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One of the region's many mythical inhabitants, the Viking.
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Scandinavia was a conspiracy theory developed by the Soviet Union prior to and during the Cold War. The only parties falling for this April Fools Day prank were Finland, Sweden, Norway and John Kerry. Denmark & Iceland have often been accused of being part of Scandinavia, but they deny these allegations. Denmark says that they were just playing along and knew all the time that it was just a joke. Actually, Finland and Norway later admitted that they were also only joking, so nowadays Scandinavia includes only "The Grand Duchy of Sweden".

The Soviet government claimed that Scandinavia was "a happy group of countries" that did not want to be part of the Cold War or any major global political decision. Early membership benefits included free health care and education without oppressive government. Not to be outdone by commies, USA founded Canada.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, western historians were given access to the Soviet plans of this conspiracy. Later it was revealed that the initial plans were written on a dirty napkin from the Hard Rock Cafe in Paris, France. (Of course it is in France! What kind of a nitwit would think "Paris, China" or "Paris, The Philippines" or "Paris, Guatemala"? You don't have to write "Paris, France" any more than you have to write "Moscow, Russia" or "London, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Fucking Northern Ireland"! Everybody knows Paris is in France, goddammit!!! Except for a bunch of ignorant American twits living in Florida, United States of America! God, it makes me mad!!!)

OBVIOUSLY, Paris is in Texas, if you meant that other less well known one then you should qualify it with 'France'. See 'sarcasm' in Johnny Foreigner's guide to British Humour.

On most maps, Scandinavia appears as a large nut sack teabagging Europe. Scandinavia's major exports are pr0n, disused Volvos and sex-change operations. Major imports are sunlight, bikinis and re-runs of MacGyver.

It is believed that Scandinavia is the origin of lego, as most of the buildings there are made from it.