Scary Movie 2

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Scary Movie 2
  • Scream again if you still know what I did last Saturday the 14th.
Directed by Gordon Brown
Produced by Joseph Stalin, Gordon Brown
Written by Karl Marx
Runtime 80 minutes
Language English
Distributed by PBS
IMDb rating

“You fools. Now the sequels will continue forever.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Scary Movie 2

Scary Movie 2 is the 2001 sequel to Scary Movie, and the first in a long string of awful sequels that were destined to still make money despite being absolute bollocks.


The movie's prologue opens with a road-trip to Wyoming in a rusty old truck. The three teens are stopped by something in the road, which turns out to be a STOP sign. As they walk back, they find their truck missing, and all three are suddenly confronted by something lurking in the bushes that is wielding a chainsaw...

Meanwhile, at Splatter University, California, Stacey Cowbell (Paris Hilton), the heroine of the first movie, has moved on from Temperature Falls High and is now taking a degree in Chemistry after an embarrassing scandal over cocaine smuggling back at Temperature Falls. Cowbell has found a friend in Cissy Copper (Naomi Campbell), who tells her about the murder of the three teens in the prologue after seeing the raw footage in the editing room.

Stacey runs off to find Randy Pervert (Jim Carrey), a character who supposedly survived the killings of the first movie because he wasn't in the first movie anyway. Randy is taking a degree in Writing Pompous Letters to Entertainment Weekly when Stacey removes him from the lesson after paralyzing the teacher.

Randy Pervert (Jim Carrey) shortly before his death scene 45 seconds after he is introduced.

Stacey and Cissy explain everything to Randy, who thinks that it's got nothing to do with him, and tells them to find a real cop to do their dirty work, before disappearing into the Library. Inside, the killer (unseen because his puppet strings are in the way) slams a large book over Randy's face, crushing his skull, which explodes like a big balloon full of blood.

Aren't movies fun?

Anyway, Stacey then runs into Officer Pigg (played by various wannabes from Rent-a-cop, a different one in every scene), who tells Stacey that, given her background, she might be a target, and whoever is doing this is modelling himself after Mason Fourkeys (c.f. Scary Movie), but only because the killer keeps leaving the words "M.F." engraved on the victim's foreheads. Stacey suggests that it's "MILF" badly spelt, but Pigg isn't convinced.

Officer Pigg (Rent-a-cop) confronting Stacey.

Later that night, Stacey and Cissy are invited to a house party by Claude Savagely (Mephiles the Hedgehog), another S.U. student, and Officer Pigg tells himself to guard it should anything happen. As time passes, the guests all leave, and Cissy suddenly goes missing. Stacey looks for her, in time to find Cissy dead, with her severed head in the toilet, her arms in the garbage disposal and her genitalia in the food mixer.

Just as Stacey tries to escape, she is blocked by Claude, who admits to being one of two killers, the second revealing himself to be Chucky (played by himself), who was Mason's favourite toy as a child, who was left to Claude in his will, and the two have been planning vengeance on Stacey ever since.

Stacey flees out of the house, climbing up a telephone cable with Claude after her. Claude is then electrocuted by the transformers, sending Stacey plummeting to the ground. Chucky is about to kill her, when Chucky himself is hanged by Officer Pigg using just some coarse twine and a dog collar.

Chucky's plan goes awry.

Once again, with all but two of the cast dead, Stacey is left to think about things over the past two movies. Having survived two murder attempts, she finally realises that she ought to rethink her life.

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For those without comedic tastes, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Scary Movie 2.

Reception to the movie was lukewarm, due to the fact that the movie was a rehash of Scream 2 with a bit of Texas Chainsaw Massacre thrown in. Roger Ebert said of the movie:

Obviously, the guys didn't heed my warning about a sequel, and they're paying the price. Who's gonna see a movie that's basically another movie with a couple of jokes here and there?

Although not a bomb, the moviegoers seemed to agree with old Roger for once, as Scary Movie 2 was the slowest movie by the Scary Movie crew to turn a profit, not recouping its budget of $64,000,000,000,000,000,000 until 2035, 34 years after the movie's premiere.

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