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~ Tamia

Schrodinger's Reality TV is a popular "reality show" produced by the FOX network. It made its debut in Novemeber 2004, with the now-famous episode entitled Is Dick Cheney Dead Or Not?


Schrodinger's Reality TV is a type of game show, in which a randomly-chosen audience member is placed in a specially designed, hermetically-sealed giant popsicle box and either administered what is described as "a whole shitload of poisonous gas" or, alternatively, administered "bugger all" (which means "nothing" in English). The show's contestants must guess whether the audience member is alive or dead before the box is opened.


A number of scientists and noted believers in evolution and other superstitious "hocus-pocus" have criticized the show on the basis that, according to The Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco Interpretation of quantum mechanics, the audience member is neither alive or dead until an observation is made, at which time the wave function collapses and the audience member assumes one definite state or another. However, gangsta rap star Hugh Everett III has dismissed these criticisms, saying "That Copenhagen shit is wack, with all that "collapse" buuuull shit. Damn! Ain't you ever heard of decoherence and shit? I told you, nigga, the mahfuckin wave function is time symmetric. That shit don't collapse, it just be actualized as a mahfuckin sum over histories and shit. Many worlds, fool."

Show Trivia[edit]

The largest prize won on Schrodinger's Reality TV was $80, won by celebrity contestant George W. Bush after he correctly predicted the quantum state of 8 volunteer audience members. When asked what he imagined audience member Karla Faye Tucker was thinking before recieving "a shitload of poisonous gas," Bush reportedly whimpered "Please, don't kill me" in an imitation of her voice.

Banned in China[edit]

Like the majority of things in the universe, Schrodinger's Reality TV is Banned from China.